Lampposts in Central Park Have Special Code to map where you are if lost: Should there be extra precautions on security for Central Park?

  • Yes, extra security is always better

    Central Park at night is notorious for criminal activity and extra precautions on security is paramount. Lampposts that help a person know where they are if they get lost is a good start, but that doesn't do much if they find themselves getting attacked. Cameras or any kind of loud noisemaker to attract attention would be good. Free phone booths could help too. If someone is looking at lampposts to find where they are, more than likely its because they don't have a smartphone. If that phone was stolen, then being able to make a free call could keep that person safe.

  • Central Park needs additional security

    Central Park attracts millions of people. The park is frequently the location of crime and violent attacks. To maintain the original purpose of the park, additional security features should be made a part of the park. The special codes to help people find their way provide useful information without distracting from the natural beauty of the park.

  • Central Park is big and dangerous

    Central Park is a great oasis in the city, but unfortunately it is also a haven for criminals who know the park very well and know where they can attack people and then where to run and hide. The lampposts are a good start to helping make sure people don't get lost and wander into areas they shouldn't go in.

  • Yes, there should be extra precautions on security for Central Park

    Yes, I think Central Park should do all that it can to ensure the safety of its visitors. I think the lamppost codes are a step in the right direction in terms of safety and security. I think that there are always more measures you can take to ensure safety for guests. I think the security measures should focus on the safety of children especially.

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