• Yes, the GOP made the right call.

    Yes, the GOP made the right call because lead paint can cause serious health issues for painters and homeowners alike. Lead paint should be banned across the US for causing these problems, especially since there are so many other types of paint out there than are safe and very effective.

  • This wrong-headed decision was made for money.

    This situation is a disgusting example of greed and corruption in politics. The laws on lead paint were implemented to protect consumers from this dangerous substance; these laws undermine public safety in order to help large paint companies and it is despicable of Gov Scott Walker and the legislature. People exposed to lead deserve compensation.

  • The GOP just follows the money

    The GOP doesn't care about people getting sick or the effects of what the law could be, they only follow around that donor money and let it tell them what to do. They only care about winning the next election, and to do that you have to have powerful friends that you have done favors for. Check off the lead paint creator box.

  • No, the GOP acted selfishly by easing the lead paint laws following donations.

    The government is tasked with creating legislation that protects the citizens of the country. The GOP did not act as a protector when easing the laws restricting the lead content of paint, known to cause serious health problems, particularly for children. The GOP needs to make healthy citizens a priority and not sell out to the highest bidder.

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