Leaked documents reveal 70% of ISIS members know little about Islam, will this change popular perception of the religion?

  • ISIS does not care about Islam

    ISIS just uses Islam as an excuse to create chaos and violence in this world. They do not represent the real Muslims around the world.
    It is completely ignorant to assume all Muslims are like ISIS members who promote hate and violence. I hope people can come to a better understanding.

  • I hope so

    I hope that revelation will help people differentiate between ISIS/ISil and the many thousands of followers of Islam who aren't associated with ISIS. People need to understand that there are radical factions in almost every religion and that most of the practitioners of those religions aren't radical. There's a huge Muslim population and only a tiny percentage of those are hateful and violent.

  • Yes, this will change popular perception of the religion.

    The vast majority of ISIS fighters have a small amount of knowledge on the subject of Islam. ISIS isn’t Islam. Nonviolent Muslims are the genuine Muslims. ISIS takes advantage of, as well as abuses, Islam. ISIS really seems to have nothing in common with real, peaceful, nonviolent followers of Islam.

  • Yes, factual confirmation that ISIS members are ignorant of their own religion will have an effect upon popular perception of their organization.

    When 70% of the membership of an organization does not adequately understand the basis for their organization's actions, it calls into question the true motivations of that organization's membership. It gives the impression that the organization and it's members do not hold valid views and calls into question their authenticity from an outside perspective.

  • This sounds like the people in main stream media are once again twisting a story to suite their political correct agenda: separate Islam and terrorism.

    I'm not a Muslim, yet I understand the basics of Islam. It didn't take much for me to gain this basic knowledge of Islam, but that basic knowledge of Islam is enough for me to know Islam is very straight forward. I'm looking at it from the faith perspective.

    I don't see how people who are required to read and recite the quran; attend mosque; prayer five times a day and so on, can then be considered to be ignorant of the religion.

    As a Christian, all I need is the New Testament to fully understand what it is to be a Christian. All a Muslim needs to understand Islam is the Quran and the hadith. Both religions start with a primary concept, which is expounded on in the primary literature of the religion.

    To me, it seems like the media is making sound like these recruits are not really sure what their getting into; like they are stupid people.

    I was close to someone who has a radicalized family member. That person is currently in jail on terror related charges. That person didn't order a copy of Islam for Dummies on Amazon.

    I saw an NBC report that showed said most ISIS recruits are of Arabic origins and from North African countries. This report makes more sense and is likely more truthful. Especially when you factor in the other terror groups.

    Abu Sayyaf, al-Qa’ida, al-Shabaab, Boko Haram and the Taliban are the main ones that have been in the news in recent years, but they are several others. None of which recruit nearly as heavily as ISIS. Are we to believe the members of these groups are mostly ignorant of Islam as well?

    Don't fall for the lies being told by the people in main stream media and by Islamist, they both have their reasons for lying. Do your own research into Islam.

    I started by watching debates between Muslims and non-Muslims who know Islam well. Some of these non-Muslims are former Muslims. From there, I pulled up Quran and the Hadith to verify what's being said. I watch videos of apostate Muslims giving the reasons why they left the religion. I also watch videos of average Muslims recorded in secret, recorded in mosques, recorded in meetings and recorded on the streets.

    The teachings of the religion are radical. I'm far from an expert on Islam, yet I can already point to verses in the quran that backs up the actions of these terror groups.

  • No, popular perception of Islam will be unchanged even though leaked documents reveal 70% of ISIS members know little about the religion.

    No, popular perception of Islam will be unchanged even though leaked documents reveal 70% of ISIS members know little about the religion. Unfortunately, I believe that popular perception of the Muslim faith is already so skewed toward the negative that this revelation will not change opinions regarding the perception of Islam.

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