Leaked documents show the DNC tried to raise cash from Monsanto, Walmart, and Altria. Do you support public funding of campaigns?

  • Yes, public funding is okay, but no super PACS.

    I believe that the DNC or the RNC should be allowed to reach out to companies like Walmart, because Walmart should be able to donate to the campaigns like any other business. I don't believe super PACs are okay, because they are funded by wealthy Lobbyists and are very corrupt.

  • United States should adopt a public funding model

    The United States should completely fund political campaigns from public funds It avoids the influence of big money donors such as large corporations and special interests on politicians. A publicly funded campaign also levels the playing field, allowing politicians to concentrate on the important issues at hand. Other countries have used it successfully.

  • Public Funding Raising Causes Corruption

    The United States Congress has become more concerned about fund raising than getting work done over the last several years. There are reports that good people are not willing to become candidates due to the great amount of time they would require to be on the phone fund raising. The members of congress are now more concerned with keeping their donors happy, than keeping the people who elected them happy. Something has to change to improve this situation. I support major funding reform.

  • No, public funding of campaigns is wrong.

    Political candidates should have to raise their own money if they want to be elected to office. It is not right for taxpayers to foot the bill to support political campaigns. Furthermore, it is not right to limit the amount of money that political candidates can raise and spend on their campaigns. If the public does not like how money is being raised for a campaign then it is the responsibility of voters to hold that politician or group accountable.

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