Leaked email suggests Hillary Clinton hates Obama - do you think information from leaked sources is trustworthy?

  • Sometimes leaked information is the only way to learn the truth.

    While I don't necessarily agree with people making public what was meant to be private information, I trust that this information is correct. Politicians are so careful to put on an appropriate public face. When public figures send private email, they are more likely say what's really on their mind because they don't expect the public to see it. When this information is leaked, we can see thier true colors.

  • Generally leaks are trustworthy

    The only leaks that I wouldn't trust are 'controlled leaks' that are generally leaked for a political reason. Snowden's leaks were dead on, as were Manning's. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Hillary hates Obama. She was all set to be the president in 2008, and now she's a little past her prime.

  • No, the information is not trustworthy.

    No, the information is not trustworthy. Too much of the leaked information is leaked by people who want to take down the democrats. We should ignore cyber attacks and only focus on what the politicians say. There are many people in Russia who concoct phony news to detract from the truth.

  • No, information from leaked sources is not trustworthy.

    No, information from leaked sources is not trustworthy. Sometimes, leaked information can be trustworthy, but other times it is not. It is always important to check resources and see if they are trustworthy. So, sometimes information that is leaked is not trustworthy. It always just depends on the source, and you always have to check the source.

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