• I wouldnt doubt it

    Israel is a country run by those greedy rotten jews. The jews would destroy anyone who doesnt share there political and economical ideology and anyone who isnt a jew. The jews are a threat to world peace and need to be stopped but only one man ever tried to stop them and of course the allies came to the jews defense

  • Yes, Israel has nukes too.

    Leaked Powell e-mails confirmed what most people have been suspecting about Israel, The question asked was not if Israel has nukes, it was how much nuke is in their possession. Israel is surrounded by Arab emirates who work day and night to see its extinction, some even threatening to drop nuclear heads in Jerusalem. This is why I believe they have nukes to protect themselves.

  • Israel has the capacity for nuclear weapons

    Israel is a developed nations that certainly has the capacity for developing nuclear weapons. While 200 is a seemingly large number, it is significantly less than the US has stockpiled. Also, the secretary of state (at the time) had more information on this topic than the average American, so I am inclined to believe him.

  • Yes, Israel likely has 200 nuclear weapons

    As early as the 1980's, the United States CIA believed that Israel was in possession of approximately 150 nuclear weapons and more recent estimates are largely consistent with this. Former US President Jimmy Carter has said that Israel has 150 (in a BBC interview in 2008) and 300 (in another interview in 2014), though he admits no one really knows how many nuclear weapons Israel has for sure. The Federation of American Scientists places the low number of weapons at 100, given how much plutonium Israel is likely to have produced, with estimates going beyond 200.

    200 nuclear weapons is consistent with all of the available evidence. While no one but the Israeli government knows with certainty, 200 is an entirely reasonable estimate.

  • No, Israel does not really have 200 nukes.

    No, Israel does not really have 200 nukes, unless we can see some kind of proof. What are Powell's sources? He must come forward with more information in order to be taken seriously. For all we know, he was simply exaggerating to make a point, whether 200 is a correct number or not.

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