Legalization of drugs: Should governments legalize all drugs?

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  • Prohibition is immoral

    Drugs are used for enjoyment, medicine, or ceremony. These aren't bad things. Punishing with police with guns in a violent manner is brutality and immoral. Saying that these certain drugs are too dangerous to be used isn't scientifically valid, but based off of racism and religious persecution against native Americans.

  • The war on drugs has been lost, but...

    I live in Colorado where marijuana has been legalized. So far, all of the horror stories and fears about legalization have proven to be completely unfounded. Marijuana legalization has worked well in Colorado so far. But, just because marijuana legalization is okay, that doesn't mean that every drug should be legalized.

    Meth is dangerous to manufacture and any building that is made in usually needs to be condemned. This is no longer a case of an adult making a personal choice of what to do in their free time. It causes real damage to the environment and society. This is one drug that should stay illegal.

  • A Terrible Idea

    While I agree the legalization of marijuana has likely caused fewer problems than it has solved, to legalize all drugs including heroin, crack cocaine, etc. Is a terrible idea. When you legalize something you are basically telling society it is okay to use. A much larger amount of youth will experiment with these incredibly brutal and addicting hard core drugs if they were legalized. This is a ridiculously terrible idea.

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