Legalization of homosexuality in India: Is change on homosexuality an acceptable idea in India?

  • An acceptable idea it is!

    I believe homosexuality should be legal because two consenting adults have a right to be happy. I also believe if you are religious you shouldn't be into homosexuality if that religion condemns the act of same sex couples. If religion does not belong in the courts of men then law does not belong in condemning homosexuality because a religion claimed that act as wrong.

  • Legalization of Homosexuality in India is Acceptable for the Advancement of Universal Global Opinion

    Although homosexuality may be more of a faux pas in Indian culture, a truly globalized future includes the homogenization of cultural ideas. Within the next decade, India is predicted to be the most populous country in the world. Since most developed nations either are accepting or drifting toward the acceptance of homosexuality, it is acceptable for India to legalize homosexuality if it wants to use its population power to become a global super power.

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