• Home Run Fun

    Dykstra, appearing on Howard Stern's show, revealed that he has accepted cash for "companionship" with older women. Whilst remaining coy on whether his recompensed liaisons have ever progressed beyond first base, he did confirm that an elderly 'client' had a penchant for attempting to stick her tongue down his throat.

  • No, Mr. Dykstra could not meet the "eye candy" requirements needed to be a gigolo.

    No, Lenny Dykstra could not make as a gigolo. In my opinion he doesn't meet the "eye candy" qualifications needed to be a successful gigolo. The women who seek the company of an escort have discernible taste and style, which Lenny has neither of. Mr. Dykstra is not the Richard Gere of the MLB. I am certain that any woman that wanted to keep Lenny as a gigolo could not come up with near enough money.

  • No, he is so pathetic.

    So, with all the sport scandals for illegal activity, where's the one for this "male prostitute". Who would pay this guy for "companionship? Big ego and matching imagination. Dykstra is an animal, but even this seemed too low for him. Lenny Dykstra can be accused of being many things: A cheat, liar, asshole, etc. He is so pathetic.

  • No, Lenny Dykstra can not tsrike a hit as a male gigolo

    No, Lenny Dykstra: Can he strike a hit as a gigolo. There is no reason why any woman would want to sleep with him even if he used to play Major League baseball. He is old and cruddy looking. There is no woman who would be willing to pay good money to sleep with him.

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