Liberalizing international drug patent laws: Should the pharmaceutical patenting system be liberalized?

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  • No, they are effective now.

    No, the pharmaceutical patenting system should not be liberalized, because the current system is working for both drug companies and consumers. The vast majority of new drugs are developed in the United States. Currently the economic incentives in place are effective to make Americans produce new drugs. The United States should not change anything because it is currently working.

  • The Pharmaceutical Industry is Big Enough Already

    The pharmaceutical industry is already full of enough abuse as it is. Liberalizing the drug patent laws, especially on an international level, would just make things worse. Drug patents are what allow the pharmaceutical industry to monopolize medicine, and it's just plain ridiculous. People should not have to worry about whether they can afford to be healthy or not, and that's all liberalizing the laws will do. Pharmaceutical companies will patent anything they think can help a person stay healthy, and then jack up the prices. It will only cause more pain and headaches for people and that's just not right.

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