Libertarian Gary Johnson on 2016: "This is the demise of the Republican Party." Will the Republican Party continue in-fighting?

  • Parties will always have disagreeances within themselves

    The members of the Republican party will always say things about anybody running who isn't themselves. Even though they might all be on one side of a larger debate (the Republican side), I think every single Republican has their own view of how it should be run. I think it might be partly fuelled by jealousy as well.

  • Republicans are poised for more in-fighting

    Republicans are poised for more in-fighting. Donald Trump has awakened a demographic, white, non-college educated males that have been hurt economically. This is at odds with conservatives that do not believe in providing government assistance to these people, while their policies support big business. These rifts will not be undone after the 2016 election.

  • Republican in-fighting continues

    As long as they have such a divisive figure as their leader, the Republicans will continue to fight amongst themselves. This is only going to get worse when they lose seats in the House and Senate because the backlash against Trump leads people to vote democrat up and down the ticket.

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