Lifetime ban of athletes using drugs in sports: If the athlete needs medicinal medication, should this be an exception?

  • Yes there should

    I think that there should be a lifetime ban for people who use performance enhancing drugs. Medicinal medication should not make a difference in this situation. Of course people who need a drug for medicinal reasons should not have any problems or be banned. Athletes who use drugs should know better and should be punished because it makes the game unfair.

  • Medication Exemption for Prohibited Drugs

    Each professional sport bans the use of certain drugs, and many programs offer very few exceptions. An athlete with a legitimate medical need for a banned substance should receive an exemption if their medication is deemed ultra-necessary. Something that doesn't cause much harm shouldn't be granted an exemption, though, to avoid problems.

  • Medicinal Medication Should Be An Exemption From Sports Drug Bans

    Yes, medicinal medication should be an exception in banning lifetime usage of drugs from athletes. Medicinal medication is used so that an athlete can survive or enjoy life more. To deny the athlete the ability to play just for using a medicine is asinine. I say allow such athletes to play!

  • If an athlete needs medicinal medication then this should be an exception to the ban of using drugs in sports.

    If an athlete needs medicinal medication then this should be an exception to the ban of using drugs in sports. Most athletes at some point are going to get injured in the sport and are going to need medicine. It is not right to ban the person just because they got injured and needs medicine for it.

  • As long as it isn't abused.

    If a player requires the user of medical medication to help keep them healthy so the can ultimately remain as good of an athlete as they originally were, then yes. However, there is a huge difference between use and abuse. As long as the player isn't making up excuses to get more drugs.

  • Yes their should be an exception.

    If an athlete requires medicinal medication they should be allowed to be exempt from a lifetime ban from sports, but only if multiple doctors agree on the case. With the ammount of money they make I would like to see more then just one opinion. In any case someone who requires medicinal medication should be allowed to use it, and granted access to the same types of work allowed by others because whatever they have is considered debilitating enough to cause the need to take such medicine.

  • Yes, medicinal medication should be an exception to ban

    Yes, using medicines for health problems, such as asthma, allergies, or medicine used for recovering from injuries, should be exempt from a lifetime ban from the sport. Medicinal drugs do not enhance performance in the sense that steroids and other performance enhancers do; they just allow a player to perform at a normal capacity. That is the difference between the two: Medicinal drugs do not give an unfair advantage to a player, but performance enhancing drugs do.

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