Lifting the ban on women in combat roles will put people at greater risk of dying: Do you think women should serve in combat roles?

  • Women in Other Countries Serve

    Opening the door for American women to serve in combat roles breaks old traditions. As more and more women enter the workforce compared to past generations the United States is finally lifting yet another barrier to the equality of women. Acceptance will take a generation to heal this division and move past the old wounded egos of men.

  • Yes, qualified women should serve in combat roles.

    Women that are equally qualified to the men serving in combat roles should be allowed to serve as well. If a woman can prove that she meets the physical and mental requirements that men posses in combat roles, then she should be able to serve too. There is no reason to discriminate against women that are physically tough enough to serve in the armed forces; even in combat roles.

  • Yes, women should have an equal ability to serve in combat roles.

    Yes, women should be able to serve in combat roles. Arguments against the physical capabilities of women are not valid because the exams which will determine who can serve in combat will be gender neutral. Thus, if a woman is not physically capable, she will be eliminated by the exam.

  • No, Women Should Not Be In Combat

    I do not think that women should be in combat. Women should be playing supporting roles in the military, if they so choose, but should not be on the front lines. Men need to be able to fully concentrate on their jobs and women, through no fault of their own would distract them from this job. Also, women have different physical needs. What happens when a women in battle has their period? Cramps, bleeding, and mood swings are going to distract that person from fully engaging in their combat job. Finally, I just think that women should not be in battle, just because they are women. It is no place for a woman. I am a woman and I would never want to be in that position.

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