• It really works...

    I met my wife in a random chatroom. She lived a literal planet away, 12 time zones from where I was. We chatted, talked and Skyped for almost 3 years before we actually met and got married. Long distance relationships really can work if you are actually right for each other.

  • If you love someone, don't let the go!

    If you love someone, even if you are far away from each other, be together. Love shouldn't end because of distance. Distance doesn't define if you love someone or not. If you love someone, don't break up. BE TOGETHER. Distance should never beat love. Love conquers all. Don't forget this.

  • So what if you love someone?

    If you are in a long-distance relationship and are struggling to deal with the frustration, then GIVE UP. The world is a vast place with billions of people of every kind imaginable. I have experienced the frustration of a long-distance relationship; I grew tired of them always being too busy to meet up or even chat on the phone, so I dumped them in the dirt. I truly cared for them, but I couldn't handle it in the end. Say all you want that I am a weak person for that, but I am no longer plagued with disappointment because of them.
    So, if you hate your long-distance relationship, don't hesitate to end it. You will surely find another person to love in this vast world.

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