Louisiana State Police seized three large caches of child pornography: Should creators of child pornography face harsher penalties?

  • Pedophilia is a crime that should be more harshly punished

    The State Police of Louisiana went a long way towards fighting the good fight against child pornography when they seized several large stashes of the disgusting material recently. However, it is time to eliminate the crime at the root by creating stricter punishments for those who create pornography that exploits children.

  • Harsher punishments protect the victims

    Having child pornography is one crime, but actually creating child pornography involves exploiting and harming children. Anyone who creates child pornography should certainly face harsher penalties because of how their crimes hurt vulnerable children who cannot defend themselves. Harsher penalties may also deter more people from making child pornography. Stricter laws may make it easier for the children or victims to rightfully prosecute the people who hurt and exploited them.

  • Creating Child Porn, a Deviant Vice, needs Higher Penalties.

    Those who purposefully create child pornography are fulfilling an individual need and an immoral market niche. Penalties for possession while not as stringent as they could be are not enough justice for those who create the socially and morally disgusting. Currently I can see no difference between the penalties for users and creators of such a vile thing.

  • They should face harsher penalties

    When someone decides to create child porn, they either do not realize or do not care that they are more than likely destroying the child's life in the process. The average sentence of five years is not good enough for ruining an entire lifetime of the children. I think they should spend at least double that amount of time in jail.

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