Major Democratic fundraiser and Clinton friend Mark Weiner Dies. Will he be remembered?

  • Yes, Mark Weiner will be remberered.

    Yes, Mark Weiner, will be remembered. He will be remembered because not only was he the a major fundraiser for the democratic party but he was also the Rhode Island Delegate for the Democratic National Convention. He will also be be remembered for the contribution the company he owns, Financial Innovations. For the past several decades Financial Innovations has made democratic memorabilia, such as t-shirts and buttons, for the Democratic National Convention.

  • Yes, Mark Weiner will be remembered.

    Yes, democratic fundraiser Mark Weiner will be remembered because he was associated with the Clinton campaign, therefore representing the party and gaining acknowledgement in the public light. As with anyone who dies, people who were close to him or knew of his good deeds will remember him after he is gone.

  • Yes, he will.

    While he may not have been the most famous person in the political arena, he certainly will be remembered by those who knew him. That includes the people who supported him, like the Clintons, as well as anyone he campaigned for or dontated money to. He will be remembered fondly.

  • Mark Weiner left no legacy

    I, for one, had never heard of Mark Weiner - and I doubt many other individuals have, either. Apparently he was a friend of the Clintons and also helped to raise money for the Democrats. The fact that I haven't heard of this individual suggests that he won't be remembered by other people, either.

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