Male rights to opt-out of child support in unwanted pregnancies: Should men have rights to opt-out of child support in unwanted pregnancies?

  • Forcing a man to fatherhood because of sex, is as barbaric as forcing a woman to marry because she enjoyed having sex with him.

    This is a modern example of sexual discrimination and injustice. Both men and women are subject to instant impulses or reflexes that are governed by body's autonomic system like blinking or sneezing. A woman may enjoy having sex with a male prostitute but simply because she enjoyed it she should not be forced to marry him, or be forced to have a child with him. The same standard should be held for men who adamantly oppose pregnancy after a consensual sex where the man's withdrawal failed or he could not control his body's reflex. This social injustice has likely to have left irreversible scars on many children born to homes without father who had to grow up suffering from the pain of watching other children with a father. This injustice needs to stop.

  • A fatherless child

    Weman should just take the morning after pill but not force a guy to pay for a kids that he doesn't want.
    If the lady still wants the child that bad she should take care of the kid with her own financial ability. That would stop ladys from having multiple kids fathers and maybe able to get a husband

  • A fatherless child

    Weman should just take the morning after pill but not force a guy to pay for a kids that he doesn't want.
    If the lady still wants the child that bad she should take care of the kid with her own financial ability. That would stop ladys from having multiple kids fathers and maybe able to get a husband

  • There's No fair in force!

    How many women would go through with this if child support wasn't the bullet proof system that completely benefits them? How many women purposely do this to wealthy men, athletes or even regular guys as a form of entrapment? This is so common and obvious it's ridiculous that there are still no laws that protect men. Then they wonder why the child support deficit is so high, it's a broken system, one that supports forced fatherhood on men that never agreed to be fathers. It ruins countless lives. I'm currently dealing with a situation with a woman that I had a 2 1/2-3 week casual relationship who once I realized there was something really off about her, I stopped talking to her. Then she started stalking me and out of nowhere blatantly told me that she was emptying my condoms inside of her after I would leave and giving me broken condoms which one broke and even though I pulled out she is claiming to be pregnant and that I better prepare for child support. She can act this way and do these things because she knows that it doesn't matter, she laughs in my face because she knows I have zero rights in this country as a man. She knows it's a 100% she is going to get child support. I'm 42 now I have to support her claim until I am 60+ against my will, there is no fairness in force. She should be arrested for doing such a thing. I don't even know her last name, this system is modern day slavery.

  • One word, adoption.

    If a woman can opt of via adoption upon delivery of the child unobstructed without question right there in the hospital and walk away because she did not want the responsibility then a man should be able to walk away just the same. Regardless if he is present when the child is born or not. The alternative is a woman gets state and federal assistance plus starts a family with another man be it married or just moved in and still be able to force another man to pay for a child because they cannot manage their finances well. For example veterans. 30 percent of veterans that have deployed come home and have at the least symptoms and traits of ptsd. The divorce rate among veterans is astounding. Well over 50 percent. She moves on with that child and moves in with her family or another man. The state pays for daycare so a woman can still be a productive part of society and work and or go to school. The support of the state and current relationship brings her annual income which individual women last year grossed 25000 annually between 20 and 25 and a man 29000 so add those together. Still the one man who is supporting himself and trying to live has to give half of his 29000 to another household to a kid probably calling another man daddy. This double standard has to stop. If mom can legally walk away at birth the father should be able to also. Damn sure no court should have the right to put your name on a birth certificate that is over stepping its position. It should not be involved in such things. What good is a man in prison now a felon for child support and what kind of wages do you think he will make after being a felon?

  • It's about maintaining a Individuals sovereignty

    Pregnancy accidents happen and it that moment the women has complete power over the outcome of the men's life. Not to mention 70% of women start divorces and take the men's house and kids. Everyone is entitled to their own sovereignty. It takes two. A women who a men accidentally knocks up due to birth control malfunction should not become a slave to the woman

  • Of course they should

    If a man doesn't want a child, he can pay the woman a single lump sum that equals the cost of abortion and never pay another dime. The system is fucked up, a 14 year old kid was put on child support after being raped, and men have been forced to pay child support after women take semen out of their condoms.

  • Yes they should have such right!

    I am a woman but having had similar issues amongst friends I totally support this debate! We all wanted the equality and clearly on this one its a lost situation for men. Why should any woman that fell pregnant have a right to decide to turn the man's world upside down in case there is no mutual agreement whether to keep the baby? Yes. It's her body but hey, she didn't create it on her own to be able to make the choice on her own!

  • The woman has a choice the man doesn't..Sounds fair?

    I am in this situation currently, I have no problem raising and paying for a child that is in my custody. The problem is i just don't have a choice in the matter. Whether I want the child or not isn't my choice, it is hers. If i leave her I pay support, if she leaves me i pay support. If I want an abortion and she doesn't well uh oh for me. If she wants an abortion and I don't well too bad for me. How is this fair at all? It simply isn't. To be honest I am unsure about having the child simply because of financial issues i've had in the past...Let alone the issues i've had with the mother of my soon to be child. She doesn't seem to take this into consideration when discussing having the child. The money problem is mine and mine alone, the government will support her whether I stick around or not. If i can't afford the payments...Well a court will force me to find a way to pay.

    This just isn't right I want to be able to have a choice in the matter. If she wants this child so badly then she should foot the bill. If i choose to stay in the child's life then of course I should pay to raise it. She has a child from a previous relationship, and from what I see the fathers money is going straight to pickle fries and pizza. He sees the child as much as he can (2 hrs during the week and 8 hours on saturday, wow for 400$ he is really getting a bang for his buck!!(sarcasm)). If I were a judge i would either give him 50% visitation or make him pay 10$ an hour for the time he spends with the child...That's 100$ not 400$.

    Time for men to get some rights!!! (oh and before all of you feminists tell me to man up since i had sex, she lied about being on the pill!!...Great way to start a family based off lies!) Truth is I am a man, time for women to man up and realize we have less rights than they do.

  • Yes, they should!

    There are many reasons a man should have a right to opt-out in an unwanted pregnancy. Ultimately, it about gender equality.

    First, let's start with the governing authority of our country; The US Constitution. The 14th amendment states that "No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    Nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. ThIs important statement is called the equal protection clause. Roe Vs. Wade allowed women to carry out an abortion and
    the court deemed abortion a fundamental right under the United States Constitution, thereby subjecting all laws attempting to restrict it to the standard of strict scrutiny.

    Currently, men have no say in the matter after conception.
    Autonomous women are making independent decisions about their lives expecting men to finance their choice. This often proves devastating for men due to the current guideline models used in the US. It does not take much searching online to find stories of men who have been forced to live with their parents, and who have insufficient means to provide for themselves. To make matters worse, they cannot receive state assistance due to income restrictions.

    For example, in a $60,000 per year household with one child where both parents make the same amount of money, the noncustodial parent pays $335 per month in support to the custodial parent.

    In this situation, the man would be making $30,000 per year and grossing $2,500 per month. After the single filer deduction, and paying 15% in federal income tax, he would have $2,203 left over in net terms.
    After paying 335 a month in child support, he has a mire 1868 a month to live on. This does not include items like state tax, and the increased costs of health insurance for the kids.

    The mother however, earning the same $30,000 per year. Will be eligible to qualify for the head of household deduction, along with the child tax credit. This reduces her tax burden from $297 per month, to only $11.25 a year. Her net income will be $2499 a month, plus the 335 a month she recieves in support for a total of $2834 a month in usable money.

    It's time we stop putting an asterisk behind "My body, my choice!" stating "but if I decide to have a baby, pal, you have to pay.’”
    Your body. Your choice. Your responsibility.

  • Of course not

    Men have the right to opt out of child support by not having a child. Certainly, the choice to carry the child is a woman's-but the choice to engage in an act that both parties know can result in a pregnancy belongs to both men and women. If you don't want to be financially responsible for the consequence of sex, don't have sex.

  • No, men should not have rights to opt-out of child support in unwanted pregnancies.

    Men should have to pay child support even if they don't want the female partner to carry on with the pregnancy. Men are just as responsible for the initiation of a pregnancy, therefore they should be responsible for child support. If men were allowed to opt-out, it would place an unfair burden on the woman, and countless children would grow up in poor conditions.

  • No. They don't.

    Male should not have the right to opt out of child support in unwanted pregnancies. Similarly, female should not have the right to terminate a pregnancy that was a result of consent relationship (unless it is a danger to her health) if the male wants to keep the baby. In that insist, the male will be given custodial right to the child upon birth and the female will have to pay child support.

  • Yes, men should have the same rights as a woman to opt-out, since she has the right to an abortion.

    This is all about equality. Since she has the right to not be a mother if she so chooses, a man should also have the right to not be a father, if he so chooses. I think that the argument about him not having to have sex is disingenuous. She could have also chosen to not have sex, but all of the responsibility falls on the male. She can have an abortion, and no one can say otherwise. The male is wholly dependent on "her' decision, which is unfair. I believe if she is given 24 weeks to decide on whether or not to be a mother, the male should also have the right. He could do so by writ, and have a virtual, legal abortion within a 24-week time frame (after notification).

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