Malia Obama Caught Smoking: Should the press be allowed to write gossip about the president's family?

  • Absolutely they should

    Freedom of press allows this. If it was an invasion of privacy I'd consider voting no, but let's be honest: she was doing this in a very public place. I witnessed the Lollapalooza crowds firsthand. There is no way Malia should've expected she wouldn't be caught. That being said, who cares? She's smoking the same drug millions of Americans do regularly and she's being crucified. It's not like she was shooting up heroin. The press should be allowed to publish stories like this, but it's stupid that they do.

  • Just like the press writes about celebrity gossips

    They should be allowed to talk about her, she's one of the most famous figures in the world,just like Obama himself or Angelina Jolie or Muhammad Ali or anyone of the same fame, if the press write about them, shouldn't they write about her as well.
    Although the nature of the press gossiping about the president's daughter, or in this case anyone, and whether if they should is an other worthy debate, but as it stands now, they are definitely ALLOWED to write about Malia Obama.

  • There is Freedom of Press in the United States

    Since the Constitution of United States allows freedom of press, it is ok to write gossip about Malia Obama if caught smoking, however if this is not true it may be damaging to one's character. And this may also send the wrong signals to the young girls that look up to Malia Obama.

  • Yes, they can.

    Unfortunately part of the allowing a free press means that the press has to be allowed to write gossip about the first family as long as it is supported by the facts. It is also important to remember that many teens rebel by smoking and Malia is no different than other teens.

  • Yes, the Press Should be able to Report on Whatever they Wish to Report On

    The press of the United States should be able to report on whatever they wish to report on. This is important to our nation as it promotes a culture of openness and transparency. Although something like the president's daughter smoking may be irrelevant, it's important that the US government does not take steps to censor journalists.

  • No, the press should not write gossip

    Gossip is evil. It is specifically decried in the Bible, and thus the Almighty God has decried it. The press should not be allowed to write things that are slanderous, contemptuous and hurtful, regardless of the person they are writing of. I believe it is particularly important when it comes to children and families of celebrities. They did not ask for the life they have been given, so they ought to be left alone.

  • No, they should not gossip.

    It is important to give privacy to people no matter they are the president's daughter, normal people or any other people.Every family should have their right to own privacy. Press usually exaggerate information to local people in America or other countries. In conclusion, it is not good to gossip around.

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Skeptical1 says2016-08-12T00:51:38.077
What a pity they can't find something better to write about.