• Oh, they did.

    The Soviets would have called the bluff. The photo was taken a few minutes after landing. The reason? Armstrong here was posing. The rock with a "c" would have been caught before publication for that level of a deception, and at the time, it would be more expensive to fake the photograph than it would be to actually land a man on the moon.

  • Man did not

    There are multiple errors with the pictures provided whilst man was on the moon. Although it could be argued that it would be a huge conspiracy this does not outweigh the fact that pictures have lighting errors which are impossible to have happened without some sort of an artificial light. There are reflections in astronauts helmets and there is no crater where the ship landed. I wonder who took the picture of Neil Armstrong walking off the ship because he was supposedly the first man on the moon. I wonder why there is a rock with a c on it (which is commonly used on props). When this picture was released by NASA again at a later data the c was edited out. Not only did this show that NASA were more likely to have lied - it also shows that NASA is capable of editing photographs and are prepared to remove anything that points away from the moon landings being suspected of being fake. Besides this there are multiple other issues regarding the Cold War and the Space Race and the presidents goal.

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