Man on CBS DFW live video says person of interest in photo is his little brother: Is violence America's number one problem at this time?

  • Yes it is the number one problem now

    Considering the various events that have been occurring this year in the United States, it appears that violence America's number one problem at this time. Orlando Shooting, Shooting of police officers in Dallas, and various other acts of violence that have happened in this year prove this point. Americans definitely need to introspect and find a solution to this

  • Yes, violence is the number one problem in America.

    The United States has one of the most violent societies for a developed country in the world. In fact, many believe that violence is America's number one problem. Children are subjected to violent movies and video games which desensitize many to seeing violence. Furthermore, America's gun culture makes acquiring deadly weapons very easy.

  • Yes, violence is a major problem.

    Gun violence has been escalating in the last few years, and the violence by cops and other people towards marginalized groups is making it more and more dangerous to leave your home. If we do not put an end to this violence Americans may find themselves living in a war zone.

  • Income inequality leads to many social problems

    While violence is certainly a concern for the nation, if the problem of income inequality were addressed, a more educated and satisfied citizenry might be less prone to acts of violence. Many folks who find themselves on the 'have-not' side of things eventually become frustrated and feel the government, and nation as a whole, does not care about them. Better healthcare, education, housing, and job opportunities would pull many out of poverty and give them a more hopeful outlook instead of turning to acts of violence in retaliation.

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