Man outsources his 9-5 job to China: Is telecommuting safe for companies?

  • The Death Penalty is a Viable Option

    The death penalty is a viable option for punishment based upon the severity of the crime or crimes committed after all legal attempts to prove innocence have been exhausted. While not widespread, the death penalty does have some deterrent effect on some would be criminals and keeping it as an option for punishment has preventative benefits. Death penalty cases ease the burden of cost that lifetime incarceration imposes on society. The death penalty also satisfies the "Eye for an eye" for may victims families allowing them to have some sort of closure.

  • Telecommuting does great things for business

    Telecommuting is a great way for companies to become truly global. When people outsource their jobs to other countries, it brings in new, international talent that the company might not otherwise attain. So even though a man recently sent his job to China, this brings in new opportunities for the company he worked for.

  • Outsourcing makes sense for companies and individuals

    Outsourcing allows individuals to work remotely and at a more relaxed schedule than when required to appear at a brick and mortar location. This saves the individual cost related to commuting and often results in better quality of work for the company. Relaxed minds often function best. Fewer carbon emissions from commuting are also better for the environment.

  • Yes, telecommuting is safe for companies.

    Telecommuting is safe, and much more cost effective for many companies. Much of the work that is done for business nowadays can be completed from nearly any location. Therefore, telecommuting provides employees with greater flexibility, and improved work-life balance. Telecommuting can be safe for companies with proper security precautions put in place, as well as good employee training.

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