Manny Machado and Yordano Ventura got into a brawl. Should both Machado and Ventura be suspended?

  • It takes two to tangle; fighting isn't a part of baseball

    Unless the aim is to indulge fighting and pitchers intentionally hitting batters as an acceptable part of baseball, there's no choice but to suspend both players. Mochado is a known hot-head and pitcher Ventura is notorious for hitting batters. The two proved why they've earned those reputations and now they should pay a price.

  • Yes they should be suspended.

    Regardless of who initiated the brawl, both player should and most likely will be suspended for their roles in a bench clearing brawl at a ball game. Professional athletes have a duty to be upstanding citizens and great role models for our children. By fighting on the field during a game they are not setting the right example.

  • Both Machado and Ventura shuold be suspended

    Both Manny Machado and Yordano Ventura should be suspended for a significant amount of time. It is clear that the pitcher intentionally threw at the batter. While I agree to some extent that a batter must protect themselves, a lot of this nonsensical fighting can be stopped with stiff penalties.

  • Do not suspend Machado and Ventura

    There is a long history of fighting in sports. It is one aspect of society where fighting is tolerated, accepted, and even welcomed. In baseball, though, there is not so much fighting as there is brawling. However, the Machada-Ventura brawl does not qualify as such based on what happened. There were no injuries resulting from the brawl and there should be no suspensions either.

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