• Cruelty is wrong.

    We force animals in small cages for people to watch, steal their babies from their mothers.
    Force them to do tricks so they won't starve. [They get to eat after preforming a task correctly.]

    Many of the time being moved from zoo to zoo.

    We've seen how violent orcas have gotten, but did you know most 'killer wales' are only in places like Marine land?

  • Marine animals belong in the wild.

    Watch this video.
    This shows that dolphins are intelligent social creatures. Keeping them locked up in a place that is less than one, one thousandth let alone one, one millionth of the ocean is cruel. Imagine being kept in a room that had no windows into the outside world except for the ceiling that was open. A dolphin to you, may look like he/she is smiling but that's an unfortunate deception for the dolphin. They're not always happy in captivity as you can see in the Cove.

  • Better for them.

    Do animal lover want to see the animals they love? You see, if they do, they only have two basic choices. They could either see them in captivity where they are kept safe, well fed, and under a vets care or they could see them in the wild were they would have to fend for themselves. I am sure many people animal rights people would say they would still rather see them in the wild but that could have even worse results. If they closed down these captive shows, then that would force many people to travel to their habitat disrupting game, their environment and mating. Just look what tourism has done to habitats that elephants and other wild animals once lived. In many places, what was once their home range is now the center for tourists wanting to play safari, turning the wild animals water hole into the water source for swimming pools and spas. What do you think would happen if everyone who wanted to see a dolphin went to where they lived in the wild.
    What do you think would be worse, having a few ocean creatures in captivity for the viewing pleasure of many or risking the animals natural habitat? Sure, I guess some may still be happy never seeing on in person but if you never actually see them, would it matter if they only existed in books?

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