Mass. Supreme Court: "Black males in Boston are disproportionately and repeatedly targeted' by police." Are blacks unfairly targeted by police across the nation?

Mass. Supreme Court: "Black males in Boston are disproportionately and repeatedly targeted' by police." Are blacks unfairly targeted by police across the nation?
  • Yes, blacks are unfairly targeted by police

    It is no surprise to anyone with an ounce of common sense that black people are disproportionately targeted by police. Prisons are populated by mostly black inmates, and you need only to do a quick internet search of all the black people killed by police every year, to see the rampant racism. Very few of these killer cops ever receive justice, further reinforcing how unsafe it is to be black in America.

  • Being Poor is a Crime in the US

    Its not just color, but poverty that drives the system with white collar crime going all the time, but being much harder to prosecute. Cops get promoted according to how many successful busts they make and black males in particular are much more likely to be found guilty by judges and juries. One cop in Norfolk, VA was only on the force for two years when they discovered he was making false arrests all the time and they had to retry some 430 cases.

  • Yes, black men may be unfairly targeted by police across the nation

    Yes, black men may be unfairly targeted by police across the nation. This is especially true in the inner city because most poor white people do not live in the inner city but instead they live in rural communities. These communities are set off from the city and do not have an affect on others so people do not know what goes on there.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Look around at the general level of faith and trust in the political process in this country, even among relatively well-off educated people. Now imagine you live in a community that has multi-generational endemic poverty, lack of education and employment, has been financially excluded by mainstream society for decades, gerrymandered districts and targeted racialized policing of drug crimes, chronic police abuse and violence. You expect these people to sit on their hands and wait for some far-off election. Do you think they trust the government to hear them and address their problems? Would you?

  • Yes, blacks are being targeted.

    But not by police, they are being targeted by the media. The reason that we also hear about blacks being shot is that the media reports on it because it sells. A white cop being shot by a black criminal is maybe a 12 second story but a thing about "systematic racism" can gain crucial viewership. More white cops are killed each year by black criminals than blacks by white police. Yet we don't have cop lives matter protests, do we? This is a poor excuse to try and remove the blame from a criminal to a person upholding the laws. How much worse would those neighborhoods be if there weren't any police patrolling them? They would be full of crime, drugs, murder, and every form of illegality that holds people back. If you want less black people to be shot police, have them stop commiting crimes.

  • Keyword here is unfairly

    The black community is very much so targeted by law enforcement. In the present state of affairs, there is no reason not to target the communities with the highest risk of violence and general crime. If black communities did not have crime at the rates that they currently do, and the same resources were being spent to police low-crime or crime-free communities then we could use the word unfairly. There is much more to this situation such as the question "How did the black community get here in the first place?" It is a very complex situation, but any rational person understands that problems have to be corrected through time and resources spent, so based solely on the question posed, no blacks are not unfairly targeted across the nation. (Statistic: 52% of the murders committed in this country are committed by 12% of the population)

  • The "false accusation racism" card the Liberals use is disastrous for America, and is designed to stir people up to get more votes.

    I'm sick of this racism bullcrap. First, video evidence and surveys find that police officers are more reluctant to shoot black people than white people, likely because they are aware of how Liberals will criminalize them if they pull the trigger. Also, Liberal networks like CNN never give you all of the facts in these cases, they leave some out, actually. For example, CNN didn't tell people that the black man shot in Oklahoma was black, leaving racism out of the question. And in the case of Fergusson, Missouri, the black man tried to grab the police officer's gun and shoot him with it. I DON'T CARE who you are. If you're going to try to grab my gun and kill me with it, expect to get shot dead. And on the highway shooting, the video shows that the black man reached in the car window, giving the officer the impression that he had a gun in the car.

  • Not at all..

    Black African Americans make up about 12% of the United States entire population, yet they make up 39% of occupants in prison while only 34% are white. See something wrong with these percentages? Blacks SEEM to be targeted more only because,
    1. They have a higher crime rate despite only being 12% of the population.
    2. Media chooses to cover only black involvements with police because of the bias and racism that is prevalent there.

  • Blacks are not unfairly targeted

    Blacks are not unfairly targeted by police officers across the nation. Many other people of differing race, nationalities, and gender are pulled over by the police. Although a higher percentage of black drivers were pulled over in comparison to white and Hispanic, the difference is not large. There is a perception that blacks are unfairly targeted, which is perpetuated by the recent media coverage.

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