Mass. Transgender Bill Passes: Are Transgender Rights the Next Fight in Civil Rights?

  • The next civil rights issue could be transgender rights.

    So-called transgender rights are attempting to infringe on the rights of the majority of citizens. For instance, most people do not want to encounter a person of the opposite sex in a public bathroom, no matter what gender the person claims to be. Political correctness has gone too far and transgenders will not be accepted easily.

  • It has been a fight for a while.

    Transgender rights have been a civil rights dilemma for a few years now. This situation will only escalate. As our country becomes increasingly liberal, we will see more rights geared towards the Lgbtqia community and their activists. Whatever the case, it is sure that transgender rights will be a fight for a while.

  • Old is New Again, Rome Revisited

    If the Romans had had the medical expertise for gender change surgeries at 0 A.D. this would not even make the news. Due to modern medicine and social voice all people fall into the mix of "I can be whatever I want to be". I acknowledge I am not the judge nor a jury member. It's your choice to live with.

  • The Transgender Population is too Small

    The transgender community has been estimated to be anywhere from less than one percent of the populace, to five percent of the populace. This fight for civil rights for the transgender community is thus hampered by this small population. It will be difficult to gain a critical mass of people to make meaningful reform.

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