Mass Vasectomy on Men with Individual Sperm Samples Collected Beforehand

Asked by: Alexander_G
  • No More Abortions!

    This idea serves the purpose of population control and eugenics as an alternative of abortion and other contraceptives. As a matter of fact, it takes a woman AND a man to make a baby. The male's role in the creation is often neglected, which shouldn't be. The title explains itself - doing vasectomy on men, so to spare women the burden and risks of unwanted pregnancy. It gives women the REAL power to control their OWN bodies. Stripping men of their natural fertility, women will get to decide when to have children, how many children to have, the spacing in between and whose children to conceive.

    The Advantages:

    1. Equal Responsibility on Contraception. Currently most birth control measures except condom are designed for women, which is utterly unfair that it is always women who must be concerned about the chance of getting pregnant before having sex. Women and their families must pay for the Pill, the IUD and even abortion, and ridiculously, it's politicized and has become an issue regarding to "women's right"! Such madness shall not continue, and mass vasectomy serves as a solution to end it. It could dramatically reduce the need for contraceptives since men are sterilized, thus unable to impregnate.

    2. Humaneness. Compared to abortion, all it takes is just a slit down there. It causes nearly zero pain and harm. It doesn't affect the patient's physical or sexual health. And the patient recovers quick. After such a procedure, the patient can enjoy all kinds of sexual pleasure without any "consequences", which is a mutual benefit and a huge relief of a potential burden to him and his woman.

    3. Political Advantage. In addition to the benefits above, promoting mass vasectomy instead of abortion would please both the left AND the right. Feminists would love it, for it protects women from getting pregnant and curbs men's power; and so would pro-lifers, for no more unborn child being slaughtered since they can't be created in the first place. The environmentalists would love it as well, for sterilization on men is far more effective at population control than on women as a man can impregnate multiple women at the same time.

    4. Quality Control of Human Gene Pool. The collection of sperm samples gives the government an upper hand to control the quality of the national gene pool. Only those whom are worthy to have children can actually have, while for those who are not, let their genes perish forever. It also allows the government to use it as a leverage to make deals - Get a vasectomy for tax deduction! Get a vasectomy for food stamps! For a new iPhone! For a scholarship! To inmates - for less years! To immigrants - for a green card!

  • Mass Vasectomies and Mass Hysterectomies

    This is a great idea for population control for our vastly overpopulated species. I outright reject the idea of collecting sperm samples ahead of time though, because the rich could then purchase the sperm they need to have as many children as they want, while the poor would be out of luck (eugenics is always a bad idea). Better yet, why not just mandate total hysterectomies for all women at puberty just like we do for cats and dogs. The later procedure would be best because it cannot be undone unlike a Vasectomy. Castration is undesirable because it would reduce male physical capacity (which is needed to perform the physical labour fat lazy feminists would never be willing or capable of performing themselves).

  • So feminism wants equal rights to men, right? Well then, it seems only fair that girls get the same treatment. Suddenly seems less appealing, huh?

    Feminism- the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

    Literally word for word what Google says feminism is.

    Equality seems good when we get the good stuff. But if men suddenly get..... That...... Removed, then it seems only fair to take the eggs too. Keep them separate, when the COUPLE agrees to make a baby, then a bit of both get mixed together, and then inserted into the female system. Or better yet, as that's unfair on the men who can't have children themselves, have the whole thing become machine operated. Unless you can concoct a fair way, the old fashioned way will have to do.

  • Sounds pretty stupid.

    What happens when that sample is misplaced? What happens in the event of a societal collapse and the facility is outright destroyed/looted to oblivion? I, for one, like the way I am, and I don't want some stranger applying scissors to or even near something that I hold very near and dear. No. Just, no.
    May I ask exactly what happens when the male's genes are used without his consent for something? Oh, wait, that's right. They're not his anymore. At the very least, this program should be opt-out by default. It's a good idea on paper that would get the proposer beaten to death in a back alley by a multitude of guys who just uncrossed their legs.
    It's a feminist thing that is targeted at men and should be shot down for the glory of the Almighty Patriarchy, of which I am a proud member.

  • This would have no effect in bringing equality between both sexes

    This idea seems to be a popular one among extremists in the feminist group. While it is greatly unfair that a woman can't walk away from pregnancy, as well as it being just utterly devastating to have an abortion and inhibit the life of a new human being, the whole system of collecting a man's sperm before cutting his vas deferens and preventing ejaculation is a very dehumanizing one. That's like saying we should extract eggs from a woman's ovaries and then administer mass tubal ligation and/or hysterectomy for all females, and I'm sure no girl would like that. Its even stupid to just think of doing something like this, for it holds no positive effects in any aspect. Sure, males wouldn't be able to accidentally impregnate females, but its not worth the cost of our humanity/biological identity.

  • Mandating surgery is barbaric

    How about we don't suggest that, based on my genitals, that I have a surgery forced upon me. Sorry, but this proposal is really messed up, and I hope OP is joking.

    With all of the talk of bodily autonomy, how is this even a suggestion? Leave my body alone.

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