Maternity leave policy : Should the federal government require businesses to compensate employees for maternity leave?

  • The federal government should require paid maternity leave

    The federal government should require businesses of a certain size to provide paid maternity leave. Many other developed countries already do so. The United States is one of the very few countries that does not require companies to offer paid leave. It would help keep qualified workers who choose to have a baby.

  • No, Its a personal leave and can be deteremined by each business.

    Pregnancy is a big event and takes up a considerable amount of time out of people's lives. It is a life choice made by an individual. If it affects the work then its up to the business to determine how it is going to impact their work flow. Federal government should not be able to dictate how each business decides to use their funds. Especially with maternity , its a considerably long term loss of service and businesses might need a temp to replace. This will cost money. If they compensate maternity , its like paying double.

  • Having babies is a choice.

    No, I do not believe that the government should mandate maternity leave or require businesses to pay for it. Having a child is an individual choice. I have three children. Before each of them, my husband and I worked hard to save up money to pay for our time off. This was our decision, so no one else needed to pay for it.

  • No, the government should stay out of business.

    No, the federal government should not require businesses to compensate employees for maternity leave. Plenty of companies already do offer paid maternity leave. If paid maternity leave is important to a woman, she should seek out a company that already offers it and work for them. Otherwise, make other personal arrangements for her leave.

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