Mathematical models reveal how long it would take vampires to extermine humans. Should math be used to provide more useful information?

  • Mathematical models can be used to inform us about a variety of things

    Mathematical models have been used many times throughout history. The use of mathematical models is necessary to make predictions about how current events can influence the future. Almost all mathematical models are based on a number of variables, and the ability to change the values of these variables and observe the resulting differences in results is useful in determining how our actions will affect us in the future. The mathematical model revealing how long it would take vampires to exterminate humans is a somewhat comedic topic, that many people certainly would find amusing, but these models can also be used to determine how various environmental factors could influence disease rates, how the state of the economy affects crime rates, and other topics that are important to create a flourishing society.

  • Let's not use math for silly purposes

    While it is interesting trivia to know mathematically how long it would take for humans to die out as a result of vampiric interference, I think that math should be used for more useful purposes. If mathematical geniuses are inclined to create models that tell us about vampires, imagine the positive impact that math would have if we used it to determine things such as the pace of global warming.

  • Yes, It is obvious that there is some hidden factor preventing human population from the explosive growth.

    One of the most recent, and most comprehensive, mathematical analyses of human-vampire interaction came in the form of “Mathematical Models of Interactions between Species: Peaceful Co-existence of Vampires and Humans Based on the Models Derived from Fiction Literature and Films,” published in Applied Mathematical Sciences in 2013. Drawing on a wide range of pop-cultural depictions, authors Wadim Strielkowski, Evgeny Lisin, and Emily Welkins defined and analyzed three models of vampire-human co-existence.

  • No, this is an interesting question.

    Just because Math can be used to find useful information, does not mean it cannot be used to find the answer to unique and interesting questions like this. People should be allowed to have fun and interesting hobbies, and this is one hobby that can be explored, even if it is silly.

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