Matt Lauer was criticized for his handling of Trump and Clinton in his interviews. Is he a good reporter?

  • He's honest, and they don't like that

    It's no secret the mass media is pulling very strongly for Hillary Clinton (in fact several of them have written articles stating they not only admit their bias, they're proud of it). Since he works for NBC Mr. Lauer was probably expected to "toe the party line" and lob softballs to Mrs. Clinton. Instead he asked difficult , pointed questions, and the liberal mass media is unhappy with him for not being a team player. Mr. Lauer apparently values journalistic integrity over political bias and that kind of thinking is clearly not welcome in the mass media these days.

    Posted by: SM29
  • Yes, he is a good reporter.

    There was nothing wrong with how Matt Lauer handled the Clinton and Trump town-halls. Historically, Republican candidates have faced tougher questioning than Democratic candidates. Since this wasn't the case this time, some are critical of Lauer. However, Matt Lauer is still a good reporter; even if his town-hall made some Democrats upset.

  • Matt Lauer proves he is not a good reporter

    Matt Lauer is not a good reporter. He proved this with his performance interviewing both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. He did not press Trump when he clearly made false statements. Lauer also showed him favoritism, asking Clinton tougher questions. A good reporter should be fair and tough, asking difficult questions.

  • Matt Lauer's Complete Journalistic Failure

    Matt Lauer failed basic journalistic standards throughout the candidate interviews. While constantly interrupting Hillary and challenging her responses, he allowed Trump to deliver lie after lie without any consequence. The candidates were not held to the same expectations, nor were they being accurately compared. Matt Lauer should have never been given this opportunity in the first place.

  • No, Matt Lauer is not a good reporter.

    No, Matt Lauer is not a good reporter because he catered to Trump while destroying Clinton. There may have been a little sexism involved by the way he treated both candidate. He would not let Clinton speak while he let Trump get away with lies. He showed an inherent bias.

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