Matthew McConaughey thanked God in his speech after winning an Oscar. Should thanking God in speeches be banned?

Asked by: SegBeg
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  • Freedom of speech!

    Matthew McConaughey was very brave to thank God in his speech as many people don't like it when people do that. There should definately be no ban on thanking God in your speeches any more than there should be a ban on thanking your parents or children. It might seem a bit silly but to be honest I would not be surprised if there suddenly was a ban on thanking God in speeches because many religious things are being banned from the public sphere. Why not this?You might not believe in God but this man does. Just let it be for crying out loud. He gained a bit of criticism for his act so I'm saying it to those who criticized him. SUCK IT UP! If he feels God has helped him throughout his career then that is none of your business. He didn't tell you to go and believe in God did he?

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