Maureen McCormick is on Dancing with the Stars. Does she look pathetic?

  • Maureen McCormikck does not look pathetic on Dancing with the Stars

    Maureen McCormick may have a lot of room to grown and learn, but it is unfair to say she looks pathetic on Dancing with the Stars. She is going out of her comfort zone and trying something new. Most people can relate to having a rough start to trying something new and can empathize. Her struggles make her relatable and can encourage people to rally behind her in hopes of encouraging her on her new adventure.

  • Maureen McCormick looks pathetic

    Maureen McCormick looks pathetic in her appearance on Dancing with the Stars. She is a faded television start from the 1960s and 1970s. Appearing on the show makes her look desperate for a paycheck. She should let the public remember her for The Brady Bunch, which is part of cultural lore.

  • Having Fun on TV

    This actress does not look pathetic. She has aged very well and this show is just to have fun and to entertain people by having stars on the show. Being on this show or anything to do with her appearance is not pathetic. People need to stop scrutinizing celebrities so much for their actions.

  • No she looks fine.

    Maureen McCormick is sixty years old and actually looks much younger, stronger, and fitter than the average woman her age. She is a great dancer and is very lucky to be able to compete with people have her age. It is wonderful to see how gracefully she has aged and how talented she is.

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