Media Blackout on Native American Pipeline: Will the Native American population have justice?

  • Yes the media Blackout on Native American Pipeline is as a result of racism and African American protect on Black Lives Matters

    The Lakota Sioux continue their peaceful blockade of the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline, the story’s absence from the national media narrative is palpable. Considering the corporate media’s chronic quest for controversial stories on government versus public standoffs, you’d think this situation would garner the typical media frenzy invoked during a right-wing militia occupation of a federal building, for example, or a tense standoff between the Black Lives Matter movement and police. But it’s not.

    As of late, the media has faced criticism for its selective coverage of certain events — like, say, focusing on single terror attacks in Western Europe that garner thousands of headlines while basically ignoring similar or worse attacks that occur on a constant basis in Muslim-majority countries.

  • Yes, they need it!

    Can you name one who believes that "this is not an environmental issue?" It's always going to be an environmental issue when there are oil spills and water contamination. Money--no matter what "your" price may be--will never be able to fix the situation once the damage has been done. Ecological recovery is impossible. Just look at what happened with the Shell Gulf of Mexico spill, the Yellowstone oil spill, and the Exxon Valdez spill? Money issue? Yes. It's called greed. Big oil thrives on it.

  • We still have Columbus day...

    No the Native American population won't have justice... We wiped out too many of them to stay defined as a powerful force here in "America." This is just another example of greed in the 1 percent that trickles down to the oppressed, where they are forced to take it. The middle class is almost finally eroded in general.

  • News Companies are privately owned companies.

    Since news companies are privately owned and operated, they have a right to report on what they want, and when, within reason. Your specific scenario makes News broadcasting channels seem bigoted, but they have been doing the same thing with terrorist attacks, wars, scientific discoveries, and more. The base cause of this is the political opinion of the channel, often censoring the other side, or having simply not enough time to fit it in over all of the other news.

  • No, I fear the Native American population will not have justice.

    No, I believe that Native American population will not have justice. The media blackout on the Native American pipeline is a typical example of the struggles that Native Americans have been facing since early colonization. Proper justice for the Native American populations in general would take much more than just a resolution of this pipeline confrontation.

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