Medical marijuana has been linked with lower refills of prescription drugs: Should medical marijuana be legalized across the nation?

  • Yes, medical marijuana should be legal. S

    Study after study has proven that marijuana is not harmful and for many people with a variety of disorders it can be incredibly helpful. It has been shown to reduce pain, increase appetite, get rid of migraines, and other symptoms of diseases. Patients who use medical marijuana have a better quality of life.

  • Yes, the positive effects of marijuana, when used appropriately, outweigh the negatives.

    With any medication or drug, overuse is going to cause problems. It doesn't make sense to completely ban a drug or medicine because of the possibility that people will misuse it; rather, it makes sense to regulate that drug or medicine so as to minimize misuse. Marijuana's positive effects are well-documented; it has been shown to be effective in treating seizures, pain, and headaches. We should regulate marijuana, but we shouldn't stop people who genuinely need it from accessing it just because some people may misuse it.

  • Yes, medical marijuana should be legalized and strongly regulated across the nation.

    Yes, medical marijuana should be legalized and made available as an alternative for patients who would benefit from its medicinal properties. At the same time, it should be regulated like any other drug. It is important that medical marijuana be dispensed by qualified, ethical distributors. In addition, product quality can and must be maintained for the health and well-being of individuals who choose to use medicinal marijuana.

  • Medical Marijuana Legalization? Yes.

    I believe that medical marijuana needs to be legalized throughout our country. Abuse of prescription drugs is at an all time high, and if statistics are showing that those numbers are going down because of legalization than this could change everything. Unlike prescription drugs, it's extremely difficult to overdose on marijuana. Fewer overdoses means fewer deaths.

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