Megachurch ousts Pastor: Should NewSpring Church have fired Rev. Perry Noble because of his alcohol abuse?

  • Pastor Justly Axed After Too Much Boozing

    A pastor suffering from alcoholism was fired from his job after refusing requests from his superiors to undergo treatment. NewSpring Church had been aware of the fact that Revered Perry Noble had been experiencing some issues related to this sickness for several months. However, Noble refused to repent for his perceived sin and was justly relieved of his duties.

  • Alcohol Gets In the Way

    Yes, NewSpring Church seems to have rightly fired Rev. Perry Noble for his alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse can cause all kinds of problems in a person's life both personally and professionally. In the case of a church, the pastor is a leader and should be setting an example to his congregation. If the church felt he was not fulfilling this responsibility they needed to fire him. They might also choose to support him personally in recovering from the addiction.

  • Yes, he should have been fired.

    As a pastor, Rev. Perry Noble is supposed to be example of the type of behavior that he wants his parishioners to follow. He is allowed to be a sinner, and a repentant sinner like the rest of us, but on going alcohol abuse is not an example of someone who is repentant.

  • Reverends should be considered for their influence over people

    The job of being a reverend or pastor is a serious one because of the task of taking care of one's fellowship, which comes with the responsibility of serving as an influence and inspiration to them. The NewSpring Church was right to fire Rev. Perry Noble because his alcohol abuse goes directly against being a good influence to his followers.

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