Melania Trump Accused of Plagiarism: Could It Have An Impact On The Race For The Presidency?

  • Melania's first gaffe will impact Trump's chances

    Donald Trump's third wife Melania made her first major public appearance at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. She gave a stirring speech in which she praised her husband for his commitment to America. Unfortunately, that speech was largely stolen from Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2008. This will impact Trump's campaign negatively because it shows that Trump doesn't have many original thoughts.

  • Yes, it could.

    Melina Trump plagiarizing her speech is not only embarrassing it also speaks to the entegrity of the entire campaign. It is sure to have an effect on the presidential election. It may in fact be the nail in the coffin that causes Trumpt to lose the Presidential election in November.

  • No, Melania is the perfect metaphor for Trump and his value to our antion.

    Melania Trump is no Michele Obama! The Trumps are a bunch empty headed entertainers. They are good only for reality TV. Unfortunately, many Americans are the same. What a sad state of the world for all thes empty headers to lead us to destruction and war. I am pity the human species and fear for the future.

  • No, it will not have a long term impact on the race.

    Mrs. Trump's speech and its alleged plagiarism are a misstep in the Trump campaign, and certainly it detracts from the first day of the convention. The negative press on this issue will, however, be short lived as new and more interesting issues emerge from both conventions. This is a very minor problem and it involves Mrs. Trump, not the candidate himself. Most Americans do not like attacks on the families of candidates and will not hold any lasting anger against Mrs. Trump.

  • Go Trump Go

    Politicians and their spouses pretty much say the same feel good catch phrases all the time. Taking words out of context of two speech and finding a certain number of common words and calling it plagiarism, is really reaching by a desperate media. The important thing here is the number of former associates and business partners of Clinton which are now mysteriously dead. The same could be said of Obama, and the Bush family. Now we have a candidate in Trump who has at least not murdered anyone and the media tells us he's bad because he's calling the Washington cartel out. Trump is a real hero to stand up to these killers. So much for trust in the media.

  • Of course not.

    This is front page at CNN... It amuses me that "Never Hilary's" are going around quoting her past filled with felonies, lies, deception, negligence, instability, hypocrisy, corruption, and theft.... While the "Never Trump's" are so focused on two sentences from a speech his wife gave that match two sentences from another past candidate's speech.

    This will ultimately help Trump way more than it could ever hurt him. He'll be able to point out that his opponents care nothing about the issues, just about smearing.

  • No scandals have hindered Trump so far

    Melanie Trump has been caught plagiarising Michelle Obama. With any other presidential candidate, this would've been a farce which could prevent presidency altogether. However, the current political situation in USA is rather absurd. As majority hates both candidates, just one more than the other, they side with the one they deem "lesser evil". Therefore they don't really care about scandals of this nature. The goal is just to keep the other one out of office. Furthermore, Trump has had so many scandals that one more doesn't make a dent in his armor.

  • No, no, no, no, no

    People will not care in two days. News orgs shouldn't have even made it a big deal and Trump shouldn't have responded to their prods. Politicians do it ALL THE TIME. I believe Obama has plagiarized major parts or most of other speeches at least 3 times. I know the most notable was a speech several years ago where a majority of the speech was one given by John Edwards beforehand. Joe Biden has also plagiarized speeches in the past as well. It is not all that uncommon in politics.

  • It wasn't plagiarism.

    Seeing that she named the source of the statement, her parents, it's not plagiarism. If you notice in Mrs. Obama's speech, she stated that she and her husband both got about the same message from the people who raised them. This means that even Mrs. Obama recognizes that the same message can come from more than one source.
    If you ask me, this is just another false accusation by the anti-Trump people who tend to misguide people into believing their false accusations. If anything, this should have a negative impact on the Clinton campaign.

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