Melania Trump says the Jewish reporter who received death threats from pro-Trump Neo-Nazis had it coming. Are the Trumps anti-semitic?

  • Yes, if that truly was Ms. Trump's response, then she and her husband show antisemitic tendencies.

    Yes, based on this alone it does appear that Melania and Donald are exhibiting antisemitic leanings. How can anybody in their right mind say that someone had death threats coming to them? This is inconceivable and very irresponsible, especially for someone who is trying to get into the White House.

  • Yes, they are.

    They may not be as overtly anti-Semitic as the Neo-Nazis who support the Trumps, but all of the Trumps have desplayed attitude and beliefs that are anti-Semitic, such as believing that Jews are stingy and wealthy. They are very prejudicial in nature, and this statement alone is anti-Semitic just by itself.

  • Trumps are anti-semitic

    Mr. and Mrs. Trump are anti-semitic. This includes statements from Melania Trump in which she said a Jewish reporter that received death threats from pro-Trump Nazis had it coming. There is no way to misinterpret the statement. Donald Trump has sent out a tweet about Hillary Clinton with a pile of money next to a Jewish star.

  • The Trumps are simply ignorant to the inappropriateness of their comments.

    I do not believe that the Trumps are anti-semitic, rather I believe that the Trumps are ignorant to the impact their outlandish and offensive racial/religious commentary has had not only on the ethnic/religious groups in question, but also on the general population. It is a more a matter of them being unaware or unconcerned by the inappropriateness of their opinions and commentary throughout the campaign.

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