Men have easier lives than women: Do men have it easier?

  • Men Don't Give Birth

    Men don't give birth, nor do they have to deal with a nine-month pregnancy. I'd rather work my entire life at a factory job than put up with another life form growing in my womb while giving a very painful birth nine months later. Men also have an easier time with not taking responsibility for their actions when they get their girlfriends/wives pregnant before abandoning them due to a lack of wanting children.

  • Yes, they do have easier lives.

    I think men are judged less harshly for their actions and lifestyle while women are judged more harshly. For decades, men had an easier time divorcing than women.  They have always been able to vote, run for office, and own property. Men never have to make decisions about  giving up jobs to care for children.  Double standards are still rampant between men and women. 

  • A little, but this too might change.

    1. Biological advantages (physically stronger; Don't have to give birth or menopause)
    2. Easier to find a spouse even at an older age
    3. Economic advantage (mostly in Asia. Males inherit more)
    4. Less male rape compared to female
    5. Statistically the top professionals are still mostly men

    and then basically the same moral obligations and responsibilities.

  • Yes they do

    I think as a general answer, men do have it easier than women. I think that this question is answered differently depending on the individual, but overall I think that men have it easier. Although gender equality is becoming more equal, in the past men have had all the rights. Women have traditionally been treated like second class citizens and it will take years for the effects to go away.

  • Men Definitely have it easier. Being a woman is hard.

    Challenges Men Face:
    -Can't show emotions
    -Have to work hard to provide for themselves & others

    Challenges Women Face
    - Painful Monthly Periods
    -Deterioration of Physical Strength & high discomfort caused by Pregnancy
    -Child-birth- pains, after-effects, etc.
    -Lion's share of responsibility in raising children
    - Having to choose between work & caring for children
    -Harder to get a decent guy once you start ageing
    -Harder to have kids once you start ageing
    The biological clock is ticking- Men simply don't understand the magnitude of this struggle. The struggle is real.
    -Relentless pressure to look young, beautiful & 'desirable'. More pain EVERY MONTH- waxing, tweezing, treatments- This is not FREE, we do pay for it with money & pain endurance.
    -Feeling powerless, weak & at risk in dangerous situations, around dangerous men- always have to watch our back
    - Have to face the double standards of society- the slut vs stud. Different labels for the same actions by women & Men
    - Oxytocin makes it harder to have casual sex cause it causes emotional attachment whereas men can do it purely for pleasure
    - In some countries Women are not allowed to drive!!!
    -In some countries women are considered 'a burden' and their parents have to pay dowry to husband during marriage.
    How do Men feel about being labelled as a burden?
    - Have to change our last name after marriage
    Do men deal with losing their identity from marriage? Nope.
    - Have to deal with constant objectification- the 10 point scale & other B.S
    - Harder to face divorce
    - More compromise in a relationship because Men have huge egos but we love them so do it anyway
    - Its standard for men to work, have a wife, family, hobbies etc.
    When a women tries to do the same, she's trying to 'have it all.'

  • Men experience less pain in life

    With all else equal, if you have the same person, except of different sex there would be very obvious biological differences and social pressures. As a woman, the person would have to deal with a monthly period -smile, look beautiful and under control even when experiencing tremendous pain. People get written up to go home when they have stomach aches - but periods? No. You just got to be strong and take it like a woman. Every month. You need to worry about pregnancy, birth and post-birth occurences. Prolapse, third degree tears, debilitating nausea. You literally put your life on the line and sacrifice to create life. A man? All he contributes is sperm. An orgasm. I can't even describe the difference. It's like it's even fun for men to produce babies cus they get an orgasm out of it whereas women have to torture themselves just to get it out. To feed it. Have post partum depression. Bleeding breasts. It really is a battlefield for women and a walk in the park for men. Women have to deal more with painful intercourse - in a world that put's male sexual satisfaction above women's comfort. A world where men are taught to dominate and "fuck" instead of make love. The whole mechanics is harder for women. Men, can you imagine having a cylindrical object placed up your anus? Can you imagine how much of a vulnerable position that leads you to be? A position to be in pain and lack control. Women, though, more loving and kinder and with higher empathy and who are the ones who biologically sacrifice more for reproduct- are the ones who suffer. Women are smaller and have to deal with the subconcious worries about being dominated by a man. Imagine a world where you are told that a man's desire to bed you is sometimes greater than his desire to see you as a person with feelings? From a social perspective, look around you. A beautiful woman is a dime a dozen. It's amazing that not only are women the nurturers of life biologically but they are also the "peacocks" of humanity. They are the ones that have to put more effort in their physical appearance - waxing, make up, uncomfortable clothing etc. All that is a pain. Imagine waxing your whole body? I feel like most men wouldn't be able to handle it because they are biologically speaking not used to as much pain and socially catered to in every turn.

  • Men's life is not vulnerable ,neither physically nor emotionally

    Men do have is easier than women...Coz women are burdened with all of those responsibilities in her life...She is that aspect of life where she is judged inside n out both.....Her acceptance or approval is decided by the critical world...Its not only about her physical appearance but also by the way her soul or her mind is...She didnt have it easier at all.. She rocks the world at home,or at any work site..She is a wonder...

  • No they don't

    Men go out everyday to work and earn money for their families, to put clothes on their backs, put food on the table. However women work hard at home with the children and house work. Both men and women work together as a team. It should be this way always

  • Yes, with all else equal

    If we were comparing identical human beings with the exception that one was male and one was female, then yes, I would say the male would have it easier. Doesn't mean that men do not face difficulties, they do, just that all in all I think that being a female adds more complications and disadvantages than being male. It all can be summed up into: female-ness is equated with vulnerability and male-ness with strength. Without a question, if one had a choice, one would choose the position where you are viewed as strong. Who wouldn't? All around, in jobs, in games and in every day life people strive to be in positions of power to one degree or another. So why would this case be any difference? Women are both (1) biologically vulnerable and have the entire burden of reproduction shoved on their shoulders and (2) are socially deemed as less of a threat and at worst seen as commodities that exist only for male satisfaction. Let's go over the biologically vulnerable part. The transition from girlhood to womanhood does not give women in general a large leap in hieght nor muscular strength (with the exception of the uterus maybe). But men get this. They then both look and somewhat are more physically powerful. Girls learn from a young age that they must avoid certain areas, certain men etc. because they are constantly told that if they dress the wrong way or whatever or do this or do that they can be overpowered and raped. Now imagine how stressful that is for a 12 year old girl to be told? The idea that, she can be easily overpowered, in pain and battered and that there is little she can do about that...Because she can't fight back so easily. Whereas, males have more or less freedom of movement, women do not. Women have to worry more about their safety. And to add on, WOMEN are the ones who have the burden when it comes to sex both socially and physically. It is WOMEN who singlehandedly grow a baby that parasitically grasps at her nutrients and destroys her body, it is WOMEN who's orgasm is negligible and is not determinant of whether or not she will have a baby, it is WOMEN who breast feed, it is WOMEN who are prone to pain during sex, it is WOMEN who have to deal with this constant battle of trying to determine if the man in front of her sees her mind as nothing more but a post in the way of his goal (her vag). Can you imagine how exhausting it is to feel that nothing matters about you except your genitalia, that your mind is just some thing that should be glossed over because all that matters is your body? Whereas for men it is about the person you are. I doubt that Ghandi was the only peave-loving person, but he wouldn't have gotten famous if hes woman.Unless he was a pornstar.

  • Men have it easier than girls do

    Girls have life way harder than boys. The song ''if I were a boy" is so true. Boys think that all we are is a ball of gossip and drama... But were not! We are insecure about everything and boys roll out of bed, put on what they want and go.

  • No way possible.

    Anyone that's been around knows women can get away with anything. Men have to be careful cause if women say anything about anything who is anyone going to believe. The Woman weather true or not. If a woman wants something there going to get it. The world favors woman over a guy any day.

  • I disagree with the claim that men have easier lives than women.

    I disagree with the claim that men have easier lives than
    women. Women actually have much easier
    lives than men. Women are so bored that
    they make their easy lives complicated and then claim that their lives are
    hard. When women want something, they
    can just sleep with a rich man to get it, but when a man wants something, he
    has to work for it.

  • Each Gender Has Challenges

    I do believe men have it easier than women. I believe each sex meets different challenges and life, making a fairly level playing field. I think men and women complete goals and beat life's challenges in different ways, but overall both genders face about the same amount of challenges, meaning they have equally challenging lives.

  • Men have it just as hard as women

    Guys have just as much as a tough time girls have. Bc they have more expectations than girls have and hold in a lot more emotional stress which builds it up more and more. Men may not have to give birth or have a period but they do not have it easier. Every one either has it the same or is just really lazy and think that guys don't have to go through stuff women do

  • Women have it easier

    Women is allowed to
    A. Cry in public
    B. Wear more variety of clothing
    C. Always will get a guy
    And nobody can hit them. And they are pregnant for nine months and they're done. Mens have to have something always just as painful for our life. And women can shave themselves without being objected. They also live longer. It's been proven.

  • The whole world is biased against men

    Everyone views women as the "ideal person" and men as pigs. Well fuck them!! Men are not pigs. We don't complain about anything unlike women. The premature death rate among men is WAY higher than women. Everyone views women as "poor creatures that we must protect" and men as death tools. This has to stop. Men have 1000X more patience than women, and men have to put up with tons of impatient spoiled women. Women should stop complaining about everything. They should also stop feeling victimised, even though it's the men who are actually victims.

  • N o p e

    I t s h a r d b e i n g a m a n t h e s e d a y s I t s h a r d b e i n g a m a n t h e s e d a y s

  • Women have it much easier.

    I dont feel i need any evidence, but i will elaborate a little. It is very easy to see. All a woman has to do to make it through life is watch her appearance (a little) and eventually a man will ask her out and take care of her. And any woman that puts out comparable effort toward a career as a man will excel quickly due to equal employment laws while many more men put out the effort than women do. MEN get much less forgiveness & assistance through life. Look at arrest rates for example. Men typically get much less help from family compared to women. Men cant share their emotions like women without looking weak & undesirable. Men HAVE TO find a way to provide for themselves because no one else will. Men have to chase the women if they want one, then provide for them. Weakness is acceptable for women and not for men. I wish feminists would understand what they are truely asking for when they ask for equality, then achieve their goal 😂

  • Women tend to get what they want

    Most things have been built on the backs of men (even if this is not a woman's fault) there are much higher expectations put forth for men and they are often unfairly expected to take on head first the types of jobs women tend not to do because they don't want to.

  • Women tend to get what they want

    Most things have been built on the backs of men (even if this is not a woman's fault) there are much higher expectations put forth for men and they are often unfairly expected to take on head first the types of jobs women tend not to do because they don't want to.

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