Merkel urges German companies to right refugees: Should the government stay out of private enterprise?

  • The government has no right telling private corporations who to hire

    You can't force and employer to hire an employee.
    This constitutes slavery of the employer to the government,
    The beauty of capitalism is that people don't care about the colour of your skin and where you come from. The only colour that matters is green. At the end of the day owners of private corporations want to make as much money as possible and honestly most refugees don't offer a sort of remedy for a business, Not to mention a lot of them have welfare as an incentive to never find a job and never take one seriously. And quite honestly I prefer to give a job to a German rather then to a welfare sucking Syrian immigrant.

  • Not completely out

    I believe in a separation of government from private enterprise, but I think it's ok for the government to get somewhat involved when it comes to crises, safety etc. So, in this situation, I don't think it's "bad" that Angela Merkel is urging companies to hire refugees. She's not asking them to fire German workers or give refugees preference over them. She's trying to ask private companies to work towards peaceful integration.

  • The government should be allowed to intervene when necessary.

    The government has a direct cause and effect relationship when it comes to companies deciding to hire refugees. As Merkel argues, the refugees who are hired by private companies reduce the number of refugees that rely on the government for support. Employing refugees reduces the burden on the government and has a positive effect on the German economy.

  • No, government oversight is necessary to keep businesses ethical.

    The government's involvement is often necessary in order to maintain ethical business practices and fair policies within the private sector. Without the government stepping in as technology continues to advance and society becomes more just, businesses could get away with despicable acts against citizens. While businesses should expect some degree of autonomy, they should also follow the law.

  • No, not always.

    Sometimes the government needs to get involved with businesses. This is necessary when businesses are being unfair. if business are exploting people, it is the job of the government to stop in and protect the people from unfair and unregulated business practices. Most of the time is better for business to self regulate.

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