Metal Gear Survive will be coming out soon. Are video games too violent?

  • Yes, Most of them are violent

    Most of the video games today have so much violence , use of weapons and bloodshed. The hero is shown to be the one who can kill most. Even if he is killing the bad ones, the way it is displayed is so violent and bloody, it gives an impression to the player that , its the only way to become a hero. There are non- violent games too but the most common and popular are the violent ones. This needs to change.

  • They Are Absolutely Not

    People have lashed out at video games in the same way they lashed out at rock n' roll and comic books in past generations. However, the games are not too violent. Yes, one can easily cite the Mortal Kombat franchise for being too violent, but that's the charm of Mortal Kombat. This has been researched constantly, and studies have shown that 99.999999% of gamers can play the most gruesome titles and still feel fine. This is due to the fact that many gamers can distinguish between game and reality, no matter how realistic a game gets, according to Andrea Nakaya. Also, many competitive games like Battlefield or Call of Duty have been proven to enhance a player's reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork skills, as explained by Patricia Netzley. And even then, games like Call of Duty have been medically proven to help children with ADHD to improve social skills because they have to be aware of their teammates' feelings. It just goes without saying: games are not too violent.

  • People have thought this before.

    One of the Mortal Kombat games got criticised by parents so the next release got patched to take the blood out. However people did not like this patch as it ruined the game but the developers put a cheat code in the game to sneakily give gamers the experience of Mortal Kombat they deserve. This proves that games can never be violent enough to be banned.

    Another reason is the violence can not get that high so violent video games are never a problem. Why? It's simple. 95% of gaming deaths aren't even possible to do in real life. The only game to counter the realism is Man Hunt 2 as the deaths are not that far outside of realistic possibilities and that's why they are so shocking and gruesome. How did the public react? They gave it the "Adults Only" rating, that's it. No banning happening here so games can never get that violent.

  • It's fake, I can play violent games but I can't stand real blood,

    The only game that is too violent, in my opinion, is Mortal Kombat X. The fatalities are unnecessarily brutal. But any other game, youre just killing fake computer people with little blood splatter. I could never kill someone in real life, because a computer simulation has no consequences, but real life does.

  • Not All Video Games Are Violent

    There are quite a few video games that are not violent. The fashion games like Lady Popular and Tap Boutique are certainly not violent. The time management games like Diner Dash do not have any violence. The "hidden objects" type of video games aren't too violent, though they may have a mystery or a spooky theme.

  • I don't agree that video games are too violent.

    Compared to movies, video games are no more violent these days. I believe the gaming industry has done a good job with the rating system they are applying to games to indicate the level of violence and the recommended age group that should be playing them. People need to take responsibility and determine what is best suited for them and their family.

  • No at the moment they are not too violent

    There are many video games now which feature violence. However there are also many movies that also feature violence, as well as songs which talk about violence and are aggressive in nature. Violence is a part of life and violent games will always exist. Whether they are too violent is difficult to exactly measure, perhaps a curb could be put on total number of games featuring violence using special licenses if the volume of violence increase, but as things stand they are not too violent.

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