Mexican mayor shot to death: Will violence in Mexico ever be under control?

  • Yes, the violence in Mexico will eventually get under control

    Yes, the violence in Mexico will eventually get under control. The country needs to make some major changes, however, for this to occur. Mexico can not continue putting the same government officials in office and having the same laws and expect things to change. Law scale changes need to be implemented to end the violence.

  • Yes, one day violence in Mexico will be under control, but it will take a major shift before this happens.

    Yes, when enough people throughout Mexico are sick and tired of the ongoing violence there, it will start to get under control. It's a matter of priorities; when the public as well as officials in different agencies decide that "enough is enough," then real progress towards peaceful streets and communities will be made.

  • I don't know enough to say for sure

    Mexico has a pretty violent history. When you combine poverty, drugs and gangs, violence is hard to avoid. I'm hopeful that the government can get it under control and help the citizens in terms of education and infrastructure, so they can have a less violent future to look forward to.

  • No, violence in Mexico will never be under control.

    Mexico has been plagued by violence related to many drug cartels that operate within the country. This violence has been unrelenting over the past several years; resulting in some of the highest murder rates in decades. Unfortunately, without major political and economic reforms, as well as a concentrated effort to stamp out corruption in Mexico, it is unlikely that this violence will very be under control.

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