Mexican woman dies at age 117 just hours after receiving birth certificate. Would you want to live that long?

  • Yes, I would like to live that long.

    Many would say that the 117-year-old Mexican woman that just passed away lived too long. However, there are some who would love to live past 100; seeing how long they could make it. Living a long life can be fulfilling as long as one stays in good health. In short, 117 is not too long to live if someone has a good quality of life.

  • Quality over quantity.

    Statistically, people are living longer lives, but just because your not dead does not mean that your really living. I am at the age where some of my older relatives (aunts and uncles) have died. I also know the condition they were in for years prior to their death. This was not living but closer to just being dead with a pulse. This is a condition I wouldn't want to live through much less have friends and relatives see me in.
    See, the problem is, science has come so far to extend the number of years with little regard on the condition of those years. Sure, eating well and exercise can improve your the quality of life you will live but the fact still remains, your body will still slowly fail you. This is because we are genetically programmed to die. If your lucky, figuratively speaking, you will live to the point where machines and medications, take over the functions of the body that have failed. Great, your kids and grand-kids get to see you rot in bed as you pee through a tube and have to be changed regularly. If your unlucky, you will have a condition like Alzheimer and have people you don't know watch you slowly die. Either way doesn't sound good to me. That is why I have a DNR.

  • Probably not to be honest.

    I'm not quite ready yet, but I can imagine that there does come a day in one's life when you just get tired. Tired of dealing with this corrupt world. Not to mention that most, if not all, of your friends and family are passed away. I look forward to being reunited with them in the presence of the Lord someday and being there would be far better than here alone.

  • Living past 100 has downsides

    Living past 100 sounds great, but I would not want to live that long. First, there is a real possibility of outliving your children, which would be too much to bear. Second, I will have outlived most of my friends, making it lonely. Third, there are health problems that will inevitably crop up.

  • I Wouldn't Want to Live to be Age 117

    I would rather have a happy and healthy life than a long life. I want to spend my days doing the things I love, I don't want to live for years in poor health. If someone would find a way to reverse the ageing process I might change my mind. Until then I will be happy to a healthy life until I m 80, and then die suddenly in my sleep.

  • Too much of a good thing

    I would not like to live to a very great age. Imagine watching all your closest loved ones and children dying before you do. It's unnatural for your children to predecease you and it's unlikely that they would survive you, if you lived more than a hundred years. Also it is unlikely that, living to such a great age, you would be completely healthy, either in mind or body. I would rather live a life that's full and healthy to the end, even if it's shorter than it might be.

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