• Yes, I believe Mexico will prevail.

    With Mexico and Honduras battle it out in the 2018 CONCACAF World Cup qualifier, I believe Mexico will win the match-up. Though Honduras dominated in the first half of the game held on Tuesday, Mexico holds the top ranking in the Group A standings. With their current 5 wins and 16 total points, I believe Mexico will be victorious.

  • I think so, sort of

    Mexico and Honduras played to what is described as "a dull draw'. But both teams made it into to the six team playoff which is set to determine who will represent CONCACAF in the World Cup. Honduras is a second place team and I think Mexico is close, but can prevail.

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  • Yes, Mexico will prevail.

    Yes, the Mexican soccer team will prevail. While they have faced many struggles as a team in the past, they are ready to take on Honduras. It will be a close match, but ultimately the Mexican team is focused and determined to succeed. They have been training for this moment for far too long to fail.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    One of the big problems with Mexican soccer is the national federation's habit of firing coaches at the drop of a hat. I'm generally of the opinion that a coach, at high levels of competition, should get a few years to be evaluated, other than cases of obvious incompetence or misconduct--by that standard, or course Orosio shouldn't be sacked. Does he share blame for yesterday's debacle? Of course--but losing 7-0 isn't simply a coaching failure, it's an everything failure. Mexico put 11 professionals on the pitch, but they got rolled over like a rec team, and were simply being outworked. But that sometimes happens in even first-class soccer; two years ago in Brazil, both the defending champs and the hosts got clobbered in similar fashion; results that nobody expected until they happened.

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