Mexico considers a bill to revoke treaties if Trump wins the election. Will he create an international crisis?

  • He is a mess

    Trump has put down other countries policies, refuses to engage in trade with other countries, and seems to think he can do whatever he wants. Even if he does become president, he can't act unilaterally, but keeps suggesting that he can. It wouldn't take long for his actions to lead to an internatinal crisis.

  • U.S. is Doomed Regardless

    I believe that it doesn't really matter who wins the 2016 Presidential Election, either way we will have some kind of international crisis on our hands. Between Hillary and Trump our choices are sad at best, but at their worst we are faced with not only the threat of an international crisis, but have the threat of internal crisis as well.

  • Yes, there's a strong possibility that he will.

    With Donald Trump's fragile personality and willingness to verbally attack people (and countries), there is a pretty good chance that he will cause some serious international problems. The possibility that he will create a major international crisis is much stronger than it has been with any other president or presidential candidate in recent memory.

  • Yes, Trump will create an international crisis if he wins.

    Yes, Donald Trump will create an international crisis if he wins the presidential election. He lacks experience, tact, temperament, morality, decorum and many other attributes and will be a like a bull in an Apple store. His presence in the White House will not only cause an international crisis, it may start a civil uprising in the United States.

  • End of NAFTA

    For the U.S., companies that manufacture products in Mexico, they will just have to look at many of the other low cost options with little change to price. These other countries will have to compensate for our increased manufacturing needs. Basically, whatever we get from them, we can get from other countries. Many of which will gladly take our business. Tho many of the companies will just go to others countries, some jobs may come back to the U.S.
    Tho the biggest effect for us will be moving these companies, the biggest country that will be effected is Mexico as the U.S. is it's number one customer and the numerous U.S. owned plants in Mexico that keep many of it's citizens employed. If anyone will suffer from the Mexican president's decision it will be the people of Mexico. The countries agriculture exports took a huge hit when many states made it legal to grow marijuana in the U.S.

  • Mexico is the Ghetto of the US

    The US military is equal to the next six or seven largest in the world COMBINED. Its empire baby and this train ain't stopping until she derails. Mexico now routinely has incidents such as their politicians being assassinated and entire towns having their heads cut off for public display. The idea Mexico could spark an international crisis is a joke in bad taste when they have become the ghetto for the US where we get over ten million illegals to cut our grass, drugs, weapons, or whatever else is illegal and nobody ever says boo.

    The same thing is true for the Palestinians who would not exist if not for Muslims sending them charity and the Israelis hiring them to pick their crops and clean their toilets. You can call it an international crisis if you want, but the gun does all the talking all around the world including deciding what your money is worth.

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