Miami judge rules Bitcoins are not money: Should Internet crimes be decided by local courts?

  • Yes, they should.

    The Internet is a world wide organization where the boarders are murky and unclear. There is no international court to try these grievences, so until one is established, if ever, it is up to local courts to decide the outcome of these crimes like the court in Miami decided the outcome of this case.

  • They have the right to make a ruling.

    If a crime happened on a local scale then the local courts should be able to rule on them. If the crime is of a federal level then it might be a little out of the local court's league but don't rule out the local courts entirely, that is how we get precedent.

  • No, Internet crimes should be decided by state or national courts, not local courts.

    No, Internet crimes as in the ruling of Bitcoins not being money should not be decided by local courts. They should be decided by either state courts, or federal courts. This way there will be fairer and more coherent rulings. If local courts decide, then what's legal in one place is not legal elsewhere, and in the Internet world this gets very confusing.

  • No, internet crimes should not be decided by local courts

    No, internet crimes should not be decided by local courts. The same laws should apply no matter what location within this country someone is in. This judge may not have known a great deal about the technology and the decision that he made can be used as precedent affecting the cases that follow that one.

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