Michael Bloomberg calls out Donald Trump: Is Donald Trump a dangerous demagogue?

  • Perfectly fits the definition of demagogue.

    "Demagogue: The Fight to Save Democracy from Its Worst Enemies" by Michael Signer defines demagogue as such: "they posture as a mirror of the masses, attacking elites. Second, they trigger great waves of emotion. Third, they use that emotion for political benefit. Fourth, they threaten or break established rules of governance."

  • He has Horrible Policies

    Trump wants to default on debt, leave NATO, care less about our allies, and become isolationist. These things will lead to Russia and China gaining more power and having the ability to kick America out of international matters and to take over as the world powerhouse. Trump is dangerous for America.

  • Dangerous with a capital D

    Yes, Donald Trump is a dangerous demagogue. He spends his time and media exposure playing on the fears of the American people, giving few empty promises in place of real solutions. He lives off of negative comments and his numerous efforts to pit groups and individuals against each other. He seems to have no limits to what he is willing to do or say--very dangerous!

  • Yes, Donaldy Trump is a dangerous demagogue.

    A Steven Hawking pointed out, Donald Trump is a dangerous demagogue. He uses fear to rile people up, and he's only looking for reactions. Trump thinks that if he shoves his finger at our worst nightmares, we'll vote him into office. He doesn't have any rational arguments, nor plans to put his ideas into practice.

  • Yes, Trump's words can inflame, hurt, and condemn!

    An old adage says "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.". But words DO hurt - as well as inflame, inspire, or even start a war. Donald Trump has spoken disrespectfully of women and minorities. He has shown that he will quickly respond in anger - this makes him a dangerous man if given power.

  • Donald Trump is not a dangerous demagogue

    Donald Trump is not a dangerous demagogue. This is because people are simply not used to hearing speech that is not politically correct and doesn't cater to the current government administration. Instead of focusing on what Donald Trump wants to do to improve the country for its citizens the media would rather focus on inconsequential speech he's made in passing.

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