Michael Bloomberg endorsed Clinton and called Trump a "dangerous demagogue." Should more Republicans openly endorse Clinton?

  • Yes, bipartisanship is in need of a comeback

    While in recent memory it has been considered political suicide to side with the opposing party on a matter as important as the Presidential Election, see Joe Lieberman. The act of bipartisanship itself is a welcome sight when paired with a candidate as controversial as Donald Trump. More Republicans should feel comfortable breaking ranks.

  • Republicans should endorse Hillary Clinton to avoid a national disaster.

    Hillary Clinton has the foreign policy and overall political experience needed to lead the country, while Donald Trump does not. His speeches have indicated that he lacks an understanding of basic ideas, such as how the economy works and what it takes to deal with threats to our national security. During the days after the Orlando nightclub shooting, he tweeted an "I told you so" message instead of offering sympathies or a solution that would help to solve the rise of mass shootings in this country. Clinton is the only choice to keep America safe and great.

  • Republicans should rally behind Clinton

    At the DNC, a video was played where Republicans expressed the opinion that Republican nominee Donald Trump is unqualified to serve the highest office in the land. More Republicans should join this trend and be "Ready for Hillary" instead of shrugging their shoulders and accepting Donald Trump as an inevitably.

  • Yes, they should.

    Trump is a dangerous demigod. Or he thinks he is a god, which is just as if not more dangerous. People who agree that Trump is dangerous should not be afraid to endorse Hillary Clinton regardless of their party affiliation . Micheal Bloomberg made the right choice and other people should follow.

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