Michael Jackson's birthday is celebrated. Should people celebrate his life, given his drug use and allegations of child abuse?

  • Yes, he was an icon.

    Micheal Jackson was a musical icon. The child abuse has never been proven and another theory suggests that he was merely trapped in the mindset of child. Regardless he was a grounbreaking musical artist and that should be celebrated because it was a major accomplishment and needs to be taken care of.

  • Yes, Michael Jackson made bad decisions, but he was still an icon.

    Michael Jackson may have made some bad decisions later in his career, such as drug use, but he was an icon in music. Many people love his music and can relate to his songs. He helped shape the way people perceive music today. I know he had allegations of child abuse, and he did do drugs, but there are a ton of other musical icons that have made similar mistakes, and we still celebrate them.

  • He was an entertainer first

    Millions of fans loved listening to Michael Jackson sing and watch him dance. Although the allegations that haunted him later in life are certainly part of his legacy, that shouldn't overshadow the joy that he brought to multiple generations of music fans. Let the world get together once a year and remember how Michael Jackson made them feel.

  • No, his legend and life are different.

    Michael Jackson's life and legend are different. His legend is his music which is adored worldwide. His legend will always be celebrated. His life is a different aspect entirely and in my opinion, I don't think anyone wants to celebrate the life of someone who had such a criminal mind.

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