Michael Jordan donates $2M to help improve community-police relations: Did Jordan make the right move?

  • Yes, Michael Jordan did the right thing

    Michael Jordan, by donating his millions and putting attention on the need to improve police relations, it gives a positive message for the black community as he is looked on as a role model. It also shows that he is concerned and wants to put his support rather than anger behind the recent violence.

  • Yes, Jordan made the right move.

    Michael Jordan made a donation of $2 million to help improve community-police relations. This generous gift was the right move to help communities and the police get along better. More celebrities and wealthy individuals should follow Jordan's lead by donating money to improve communities across America. The government cannot solve all of the problems in the country. It will take individuals like Michael Jordan to help solve some of the country's challenges.

  • Kudos to Michael Jordan

    In the current climate, tensions between police and the communities they serve are very high. Trust is at an very low level, and needs to be rebuilt on both sides. Michael Jordan is to be commended for attempting to do something about this problem by donating two million dollars. Money alone cannot always help, but with proper use and programming, perhaps this will do some good. It is worth a try!

  • Nice move, Jordan.

    I think that Michael Jordan was very justified in donating $2 million dollars to police/community relations. This is money well-spent. Jordan is a classy celebrity because he is not taking sides on the issue or joining Black Lives Matter to stir things up. Instead, he's putting his money where his mouth is.

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