Micheal Jackson's Family Responds to Allegations: Was Michael Jackson involved with Child pornography?

  • Yes, I think that Michael Jackson was involved in child pornography.

    Yes, I think that Michael Jackson was involved in child pornography because police officers retrieved child pornography and nude images of children from his home. Although Michael Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges, he has admitted that he had slept in the same bed with other people's children, which is very strange.

  • I feel he was involved

    Micheal Jackson was living with so many kids and has been involved in Child Sexual abuse and Child pornography. There is no doubt about that. Whatever the family says and how much ever big star he is, the fact is fact and it cannot change. Michael Jackson was involved with Child pornography

  • He wasn't involved with child pornography

    There isn't any evidence of him being sexually involved with any child, considered guilty most of the times and was free of child pornography charges. I watched an interview of his once where he stated that he gets letters from anyone, so easily anyone could've sent pictures to make him look guilty. Although still, there isn't any concrete proof of the child pornography and the pictures obtained by the police from "his ranch" were fake or taken from the internet. Every child molestation charges against him are to take advantage of his money. There was one case in which I forgot most of the details but after a child was "sexually" abused by Michael Jackson, he went to court and later confessed to that not being true and committed suicide. The involvement that Michael Jackson had for children was a an extraordinary thing, he was filled with good and passed it on to children which didn't listen to the lies and loved him for who he was as a person, not as a pop icon. This is just another great and talented black artist that was getting to many number one hits all around the world (once the molestation charges came through, his hit were still number one around the globe EXCEPT for AMERICA) and was getting attacked by the tabloids to stop him. He was treated so badly and now so many people just remember him as a child molester not as the greatest entertainer to ever step foot on this earth. White people should back up and let the black excellence rise.

  • No, Michael Jackson was likely innocent.

    No, Michael Jackson was not involved with Child pornography. People in general have a strong tendency to overreact to little things, especially when those things can be shocking or crazy. While it can not be known for a fact whether Jackson was involved in Child pornography, conclusions should not be jumped to without more logic and reason.

  • Rumors because he was strange

    Michael Jackson was a strange man, and it was no secret that he enjoyed the company of children. However, after many accusations and investigations, it has never been proven that he was sexually fond of kids. He simply enjoyed being a kid at heart, and loved seeing children happy. The idea that he was involved in child pornography would have to be proven firmly for me to actually believe it.

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