Micheal Jackson's Family Responds to Allegations: Was Michael Jackson involved with Child pornography?

  • Yes, I think that Michael Jackson was involved in child pornography.

    Yes, I think that Michael Jackson was involved in child pornography because police officers retrieved child pornography and nude images of children from his home. Although Michael Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges, he has admitted that he had slept in the same bed with other people's children, which is very strange.

  • I feel he was involved

    Micheal Jackson was living with so many kids and has been involved in Child Sexual abuse and Child pornography. There is no doubt about that. Whatever the family says and how much ever big star he is, the fact is fact and it cannot change. Michael Jackson was involved with Child pornography

  • No, Michael Jackson was likely innocent.

    No, Michael Jackson was not involved with Child pornography. People in general have a strong tendency to overreact to little things, especially when those things can be shocking or crazy. While it can not be known for a fact whether Jackson was involved in Child pornography, conclusions should not be jumped to without more logic and reason.

  • Rumors because he was strange

    Michael Jackson was a strange man, and it was no secret that he enjoyed the company of children. However, after many accusations and investigations, it has never been proven that he was sexually fond of kids. He simply enjoyed being a kid at heart, and loved seeing children happy. The idea that he was involved in child pornography would have to be proven firmly for me to actually believe it.

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