• Every time I use it = UPDATE

    Like the headline says, updates every single time I use O365. It's a hassle and inconvenient. Not to mention the updates are several hundred mbs each time so it's not like they're small. It seems like OS updates aren't much bigger than these constant O365 updates, what gives? Needs improvement.

  • Yes, it does.

    Microsoft is a great company with really great and innovative products. However, I personally believe that they have too many updates. No sooner has one gotten used to a product, they bring up a new update. It has got to the point that it is overwhelming. I would like to believe that they have good reasons for continuous updates. Still, it is a bit too much.

  • Yes, they do.

    The updates take to long to install and often provide little or no value to the consumer. They need to work harder on only creating updates that people need and want. They also need to work harder on fixing their security issues. Overall, the company does not do a good job.

  • Yes, Microsoft has too many updates.

    Yes, Microsoft has too many updates. The company is constantly updating their programs and software like Microsoft Office 365. As a consumer, I find it to be exhausting trying to keep my programs updated. It becomes a dangerous situation if the programs are not updated - making systems vulnerable to viruses and attacks and also limits functionality.

  • No, it is worth.

    Office 365 definitely is not for everyone. I find it is a tremendous value when compared to a lot of alternatives especially in the business world. For very small businesses, it is a no-brainer in my opinion where you no longer have to worry about servers for e-mail and on top of that some sort of backup solution.I have found people are more welcoming of the pay-per-month licensing model with what they get out of it, though there are still some who will refuse. But again, depends on your use.

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